SE Lambert and 19th Main Replacement

The Water Bureau has invested in Sellwood and replaced 4,800 feet—just under a mile—of an aging water main (pipe) along SE Lambert and 19th Ave. The previous main was installed in 1927 and had multiple breaks. This new pipe will make your water service more reliable and improve water quality.
Three construction workers in bright vests and hard hats dig use shovels to dig chunks of broken up concrete out of a trench. A new pipe will be placed in the trench when work is complete.
Spring 2022 to Winter 2023
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Project Overview

The Water Bureau has completed work on a project to replace nearly one mile of an aging water main along SE Lambert Street and SE 19th Avenue. The old water pipes were 95 years old and were deteriorating due to age. The new pipes will help make sure your water service is safe and reliable for generations to come.

This map shows the construction area on SE 19th Avenue between SE Marion and SE Lambert Streets, on SE Lambert between SE 19th and SE Milwaukie Avenues, and a short stretch of pipe in SE Milwaukie where SE Lambert jogs a few feet to the north.

Project Accomplishments

The construction team completed the following within the project area:

  • Replaced 4,800 feet of public water main pipes
  • Replaced 63 water service lines (lines that connect from the main pipe to a property’s water meter)
  • Constructed 12 new Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible curb ramps
  • Installed 4 new fire hydrants

A Note of Appreciation

On behalf of the Bureau and our contractor Rio Underground Construction, we would like to thank everyone who lives, works, and plays in the project area for your patience and cooperation during this challenging water project.

We know that construction was disruptive and especially difficult for residents who are home during the day. We appreciate everyone working with us to help keep our community and crews safe and to make sure that this project was a success.

Thank you!