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Greenleaf Tank 3

Capital Improvement Project
In Planning
As part of the Water Bureau's efforts to increase the amount of water available on Portland's west side for firefighting and earthquake preparedness, we will construct a new 175,000-gallon water storage tank in Forest Park.
A picture of a skinny, cylindrical green water tank in the center, a larger cylindrical green water tank on the left, and a short, white aging building on the right. Tall green trees are in the background with a bright, blue sky.
November 2023 to February 2025
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Project overview

More reliable water storage is coming to the Forest Park neighborhood. The Water Bureau plans to build a new 175,000-gallon steel water tank to increase the amount of water available for firefighting and earthquake preparedness. This tank is an integral part of a larger effort to improve water supply  to the city’s west side. In addition to replacing the tank, which will keep people’s homes safer from fire, we’re dedicated to protecting the surrounding natural recreation area for the community.

We plan to replace the smaller of the site’s two existing water tanks with a larger tank. We will also remove an outbuilding known to some as the Willis Building. This building is not ADA accessible, does not have sanitary plumbing, and is unsafe. The new tank will be built in the area where the outbuilding has been removed.

An illustrated map showing the site of the Greenleaf Water Tank on Greenleaf Road, right off of NW Skyline Boulevard.
Greenleaf Water Tank Site


The tank we’re replacing is in poor condition. This tank scores lowest among all active tanks in the Water Bureau’s assessment system. The interior of the tank and the tank foundation are in very poor condition. The tank is not anchored to its foundation, which could make it susceptible to movement in an earthquake. Our engineers estimate that without significant work, the tank will fail in 10 years. The new tank will help the system serve the neighborhood for decades to come as our city’s population grows and climate change affects water demand.


The Greenleaf site is at 360 NW Greenleaf Road, at the southern end of the Forest Park neighborhood.


The new tank is currently being designed. The design process will continue through 2023. We expect construction to start in 2024 and continue through 2025.

What to expect 

Throughout 2023, you may see Water Bureau employees working in the project area. Their work will improve the initial design and plan for construction work.