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How to read your sewer, stormwater, water bill

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This page explains how single-family residential customers can read and understand their bill.
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Who should use this page

This page is only applicable for single-family residential bills. If you're a commercial, sewer only, multifamily, or other type of customer, contact Customer Service or visit our rates and charges page.

Parts of the bill

A screenshot of the top half of a utility bill with highlighting and numbers that show where the numbered headers below are located on the bill.
An example bill with numbered parts that correspond with the numbered headers below.

1. Account number

You'll need to know your account number when you call us or register for online account access. (You can register online once you've received your first bill.)

2. Amount due and due date

Amount due and due date show the amount you owe and when payment is due.

3. Days of service

Days of service shows how many days this bill covers. The City of Portland reads most customers' water meters once every three months, and sends bills every three months too. If you'd like to pay monthly, sign up for our monthly statements billing option.

4. Usage in CCF

Water meters measure water use in CCF, or hundred cubic feet. One CCF = 748 gallons. A typical Portland household uses 15 CCF of water (about 7 CCF per person) every three months. Check the water use graph on your bill to track your water use over the last year.

5. Service charges

Water volume is the amount of water your household used during the time covered by this bill. This pays for Portland's drinking water system.

Sewer volume charges pay for Portland's sewer system. This charge is based on how much water you used during this billing period or on an average use based on your winter bill from the past year (whichever is lower).

Stormwater off-site charges pay for managing stormwater (water runoff) from public property, including city streets. All residential single-family customers pay the same off-site charge.

Stormwater on-site charges pay for managing stormwater from private property. This charge may be reduced for customers who qualify for the Clean River Rewards program (below).

Clean River Rewards is a discount program for customers who can show that they safely manage the stormwater on their property.

The Portland Harbor Superfund charge helps fund the City's participation in the Portland Harbor Superfund cleanup. This charge is based on your sewer volume plus a flat fee.

The base charge pays for account services such as meter reading, billing, collection, and customer service. This is a daily charge all customers pay.

6. Back of the bill

The back of your bill includes Customer Service's hours of operation, payment mailing address, and Walk-in Center location, as well as information about late fees and how to avoid them by setting up payment arrangements.

The back also includes information about financial assistance.

On the bottom: You can donate to GreenBucks, a program that helps Portland Public Schools maintain stormwater management facilities on school properties, by checking the box or registering for GreenBucks online.