Customer Newsletter, Winter 2022

Illustration shows a person talking with a customer on the phone.
Quarterly newsletter from Environmental Services and Portland Water — Portland's service providers for sewer, stormwater, and water. In this issue, find helpful contacts for services and assistance, learn about green streets, and find out how to earn a one-time credit by planting a yard tree.
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Green street — How you can help

Photo shows person walking across a pedestrian crossing of a planter next to the road that collects runoff from the street. The planter is full of plants.
Help keep green streets working well by keeping people and pets out. This helps keep the soil soft and plants healthy so they can soak up rain and filter out pollutants.

What are they? Sometimes called bioswales, rain gardens, or stormwater planters, green streets are landscaped areas along city streets and sidewalks that use plants and soil to capture, slow, and filter stormwater runoff.

Why are they important? Green streets reduce sewer overflows and backups by managing stormwater before it flows into storm drains. They also help protect the water quality of our rivers and streams by filtering and removing pollutants.

How can I help?

  • Keep people and pets out.
  • Remove leaves and debris from the curb opening so water can flow into the green street.   
  • Report any drainage problems, damage, or vandalism by calling 503-823-1700.

Consider becoming a Green Street Steward and adopt a green street near you. Stewards help maintain their site between City maintenance visits. Find more information on green street stewards.

Treebate — Small Investment, Big Returns

Illustration of family sitting under a tree with person grilling and child swinging from tire swing.

Get a one-time credit on your City of Portland sewer/stormwater/water bill for planting a tree in your yard.

Trees help keep our rivers and streams clean and healthy by intercepting rainwater and reducing runoff to our sewer system. Learn more and apply.

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