Customer Newsletter, Summer 2023

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Quarterly newsletter from Environmental Services and Portland Water — Portland's service providers for sewer, stormwater, and water. In this issue, find information on how to manage your bill, find water quality test results for Willamette River recreation spots, and water your garden efficiently.
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Manage your bill and save money!

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Saving water.Update your fixtures. Contact us to order your free water-saving showerheads, aerators, and more!

Clean River Rewards. You can save up to $130 a year in rewards by ensuring rain from your roof flows safely to your property’s soil and plants.

Bill discount program.Depending on your income, you may be able to get a discount on every bill.

Monthly statements.Split your bill into three small payments instead of one quarterly payment by choosing monthly statements.

Payment arrangements. Call or email us to set up a payment schedule that keeps your bill on track.

Graphic shows three colored rectangles with icons and text that reads: bill discount program, payment arrangements, and monthly statements

Contact us to find out if you qualify for financial assistance.

Contáctenos para saber si califica para una ayuda económica.

Liên hệ với chúng tôi để tìm hiểu xem quý vị có đủ điều kiện nhận hỗ trợ tài chính hay không.

Обращайтесь к нам чтобы узнать, имеете ли вы право на финансовую помощь.


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Pay your bill online:

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Enjoy your river this summer

Thanks to Environmental Services’ Big Pipe Project and other water quality improvements, the Willamette River’s water quality is safe for swimming and recreation. We test the river’s water quality weekly all summer long. Check the results at

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Water with the weather

How much water does your garden need?

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Get week-by-week watering information for your zip code. Sign up for a weekly text or email:

Save water and money with rebates

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Outdoor rebates – A new irrigation controller or efficient sprinkler nozzles may be your key to smarter summer watering. The Water Bureau offers rebates for WaterSense-labeled controllers and multistream rotating nozzles. 

Toilet rebates – Replace an old toilet with a WaterSense-labeled toilet and get a $50 rebate.  

Ice machine rebates – Does your business use a water-cooled ice machine? Replace it with an ENERGY STAR-certified, air-cooled model and save up to $3,000 (50% of the cost).  

Apply at

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