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Customer Newsletter, Fall 2021

Quarterly newsletter from Environmental Services and Portland Water — Portland's service providers for sewer, stormwater, and water. In the fall 2021 issue, learn about how we are building for the future and find financial assistance resources if you are feeling overwhelmed by your bill.
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Building for our future

Today’s projects, large and small, help ensure all Portlanders have safe, healthy, and reliable sewer, stormwater, and water services now and into the future.

Graphic illustration of Mt. Hood with tranquil lake of water surrounded by trees to represent Bull Run Reservoir

Bull Run Filtration
Portland is building a new filtration facility to keep our water safe and abundant for generations to come. In 2027, filtration will provide multiple layers of protection against contaminants. Find out more at

Graphic illustration of rainy city street with water flowing into green street planters at the street corner.

Green infrastructure
Our green infrastructure investments help manage rain from wetter winters and reduce the urban heat island effect during heat waves. From trees and rain gardens to floodplain restoration, green infrastructure will help Portland be stronger and more resilient.

Graphic illustration of park setting with tranquil reflective pool in front of building and people standing in front.

Washington Park Reservoir
We are replacing two reservoirs that have served the city since 1894 with a new 12.4-million-gallon, seismically reinforced underground reservoir that serves more than 360,000 people. That includes all downtown businesses and residents, 20 schools, and five hospitals on Portland’s west side.

Graphic illustration of water flowing from tap into a sink and a glass of water on the counter.

Improved Corrosion Control Treatment
To protect your health, we are committed to helping limit exposure to lead in drinking water. In 2022, we will complete improved treatment facilities to make water less corrosive to lead and other metals found in some home and building plumbing. Learn more at

Graphic illustration of a sunny day with homes and buildings surrounded by trees.

Trees are a small investment with big returns
The trees we plant today will grow into the leafy canopy that soaks up rain, lines our streets, shades our homes, cools the air, helps conserve energy, and makes Portland more resilient. Find more information below about City programs that help you plant trees in your neighborhood.

Feeling overwhelmed by your bill? We’re here to help.

Graphic of several dialogue bubbles with the following words in five languages: Need more time to pay your bill? We can help. 503-823-7770

Need more time to pay your bill? Give us a call or send us an email. You may be eligible for a bill discount worth up to $760 per year, plus a $500 crisis bill credit. We also have flexible payment options: set up small, interest-free monthly payments now to avoid unmanageable utility bills later.

Find out more about ways to manage your bill by calling 503-823-7770 or on our financial assistance page.

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Concerned that something isn’t right with your bill?

Please email us at or call 503-823-7770. If we can’t resolve your concern, you may file a formal, written appeal to the Administrative Review Committee at no cost. Learn more about customer rights.

Trees help keep rivers clean and people healthy

Photo shows two people planting a tree.

Trees help keep rivers clean and people healthy Did you know the best time to plant a tree in our climate is in the winter? Cool temperatures and rainy weather make it easier for new trees to get started. Learn more about City programs to help Portlanders plant trees or call the City’s tree hotline at 503-823-TREE (8733).

Earn a credit through Treebate! Plant a tree in your yard from Sept. 1 through Apr. 30 and you could earn a one-time credit on your bill. Learn more about Treebate.

Keeping costs down for our customers

Graphic of bar chart shows the bill impacts to a typical residential customer without WIFIA benefits is $3.07. With WIFIA, that is lowered to $2.62. For Tier 2 income-qualified customers, the benefit goes down to $0.50.
Bull Run Treatment Projects FY2021–22 monthly water bill impact

Building a resilient water system costs money, and we know that every dollar we invest impacts our customers’ bills. We work hard to limit that impact as we build for the future.

Earlier this year we secured a low-cost Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (WIFIA) loan through the federal government, which will save our ratepayers at least $247 million in repayment costs on the Bull Run Treatment Projects. Learn more about WIFIA.