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Bull Run Treatment Projects For Our Health

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Benefits for Our Health 

We care about the health of the people and families we serve. The Bull Run Treatment Projects are long-term investments designed to help further protect our health and make our water even safer for everyone.

Helps Protect Against Lead Exposure from Household Plumbing

Commissioner Amanda Fritz
  • Reduces risk from lead at the tap: The Improved Corrosion Control Treatment Project will adjust water pH and alkalinity to further reduce lead and other metals that can get into drinking water from home and building plumbing. 
  • Protects children, pregnant women and everyone: Elevated levels of lead can cause serious health problems, especially for young children and pregnant women. Improved corrosion control will reduce exposure to harmful lead at the tap.
  • Enhances existing lead reduction measures: We've treated drinking water to reduce lead since 1997 and already have a Lead Hazard Reduction Program in place. Additional treatment will protect our health even more from harmful lead exposure.  

Helps Protect from Disease

Water Quality Manager Yone Akagi
  • Removes disease-causing microorganisms: Exposure to Cryptosporidium can cause cryptosporidiosis, a serious illness. Symptoms can include diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and stomach pain. The new filtration facility will remove Cryptosporidium and other disease-causing microorganisms and contaminants from our water to further protect our health. 
  • Darcey Ayala, Hemodialysis Unit Nurse Manager at OHSU Hospital
    Protects our most vulnerable from serious disease: The Bull Run Treatment Projects take a multi-barrier approach to help protect our health, especially for our most vulnerable, like people with AIDS, inherited diseases affecting the immune system, cancer and transplant patients, and people taking certain immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Reduces disinfection byproducts (DBPs) regulated by the EPA: Filtration treatment will significantly reduce DBPs that can cause cancer by removing organics in the water.

Makes Water Even Safer by Complying with Water Quality Regulations 

Multnomah County Health Officer Dr. Jennifer Vines
  • Protection starts at the water source: We carefully manage the Bull Run supply and strictly enforce regulations to protect, sustain, and deliver clean and safe drinking water.
  • Uses proven and safe treatment methods: The projects use proven water treatment methods known to save lives and improve the health of people across the globe. The chemicals are certified as safe for use for drinking water by NSF International.
  • Complies with federal Lead and Copper Rule when complete: The improved corrosion control project was completed in April 2022 and is improving treatment for lead until permanent treatment is incorporated into the filtration process.
  • Complies with federal and state regulations to treat for Cryptosporidium when complete: Thefiltration facility will be running by September 2027 through a Bilateral Compliance Agreement with the Oregon Health Authority.


Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Patel
  • Championing Our Health with the Bull Run Treatment Projects 
    July 29, 2020
    Water is essential for our brains and bodies to function properly and, as the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated, it’s essential for helping prevent communicable diseases. That’s why doctors, public health officials, and city leaders are champions for our efforts to make our water supply even safer.
  • Clean Water at the Tap: One of the Biggest Wins for Our Health 
    Aug. 26, 2020
    Figuring out a system for clean, safe water is essential for public health. The Bull Run Treatment Projects carry on our history of using proven and safe treatment to protect the health of our community.
  • Pilot Testing Shows Filtration Treatment Offers Significant Health Benefits 
    Sept. 25, 2020
    Bull Run Treatment Project team members are enthusiastic about the positive results they're seeing from the first year of pilot testing. These results will be submitted to the Oregon Health Authority in November and will be used to help plan, design, and build the new filtration facility.
  • Consistent clean water is critical for hemodialysis patient care 
    July 30, 2021
    Consistent, clean water is vital for hemodialysis treatment and overall patient care at OHSU Hospital. Learn how the Bull Run Filtration Project will benefit patient care from nurse manager Darcey Ayala.

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