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Bull Run Treatment Projects For Our Future

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Benefits For Our Future

We're investing in a safe and abundant water future for our community with the Bull Run Treatment Projects. The long-term improvements we're making will enhance our water system’s resilience, reduce future risks, and better protect customers for generations to come.

Bull Run Treatment Projects For Our Future with Commissioner Mingus Mapps

Builds modern seismically resilient filtration facility and pipelines 

  • Enhances resilience of our water system: The filtration facility and pipelines will be built to modern seismic standards to help ensure clean and safe water is available quickly after an earthquake.
  • Retires segments of aging pipe: New pipes connecting the filtration facility to the water system will improve reliability by replacing nearby segments of aging, vulnerable pipe.   

Helps protect Bull Run for safe use after a large storm, landslide, or fire

Firefighter Lisa Knight knows how important having a resilient water supply is for preparing for emergencies and saving lives.  
  • Improves ability to use Bull Run water during storms: Filtration will increase our ability to use Bull Run water during storms and other natural events that add sediment to the Bull Run reservoirs. 
  • Destroys algal toxins: A warming climate may change conditions in the Bull Run Watershed to be more supportive of algae. Filtration treatment with ozone will destroy algal toxins and provide better protection against a range of future risks.
  • Provides the quickest recovery after a fire: Hotter, drier summers associated with climate change are expected to increase wildfires in our region. Filtration treatment with ozone will enable the quickest recovery after a fire.

Prepares for future water quality regulations

Bull Run Filtration Pilot Facility with Mac Gifford
  • Provides multi-barrier protection against contaminants: The new filtration system provides multiple layers of protection to help ensure tap water is safe to drink according to Environmental Protection Agency safe drinking water standards.
  • Strengthens toolbox to address future regulations: The new facilities are being designed considering future regulations so it’s easier and more cost-effective to comply.
  • On track to be running Sept. 2027: The facility and pipelines will be completed by Sept. 30, 2027, to meet our compliance agreement with the Oregon Health Authority.

Protects ratepayers with long-term, low-rate financing

Highlights from the March 4, 2021 Bull Run Treatment Projects WIFIA Loan Award Recognition event
  • Locks in low-cost loan: WIFIA loan interest rates are fixed and locked in at currently very low rates for the life of the loan.
  • Helps maintain affordability of water rates: Federal financing is projected to save ratepayers at least $247 million in repayment savings over the term of the loan.
  • Allows ratepayers to get benefits before repayment begins: Loan repayment can begin after customers are getting the benefits of the new facilities.
  • Continues to support customers with financial challenges: Our robust financial assistance program will continue to support ratepayers who struggle financially.


Bull Run Treatment Projects For Our Future

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