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Bull Run Treatment Projects For Our Economy

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Bull Run Treatment Projects: For Our Economy

Benefits for Our Economy

The investments we're making in the Bull Run Treatment Projects create jobs today and will provide safe, reliable water infrastructure for our community members, businesses, and industries to thrive for generations to come. 

Sustains Diverse Local Businesses and Industries 

  • Madeline McCarthy, Brewer at Von Eberts Brewing and Kelsey Cable, Brewer at Wayfinder Beer
    Delivers safe, reliable water for vital industry: This includes industries that power our economy like manufacturing, healthcare, high technology, hotels, restaurants, and hospitality.  
  • Provides more consistent water quality: Improved filtration will sustain sensitive computer and technology manufacturers, hospitals and beverage producers who rely on consistent, high-quality water.
  • Improves resilience to help businesses get up and running faster: The new filtration facility and pipes will be built to modern seismic standards to better withstand an earthquake or other natural disaster. 

Increases Opportunities for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

Neil Fernando, Principal at Emerio Designs
  • Helps address social equity and improves workforce diversity: The projects help address social inequity and diversify the workforce by following Portland's policies for social equity in contracting.
  • Creates more than $200 million in business and job opportunities for people of color and women: The investment in the Bull Run Treatment Projects provides opportunities for underrepresented groups. 
  • Awards at least 20 percent of subcontracts to certified disadvantaged, minority-owned, woman-owned, service-disabled-veteran-owned, and emerging small businesses. 
  • Commits 26 percent of hard construction costs (more than $2 million) to firms certified by the state’s Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity to deliver on Portland’s equity and inclusion contracting policy on the Improved Corrosion Control Treatment Project.

Creates Local Jobs to Stimulate the Economy 

  • Generates upwards of 15 jobs for every $1 million invested in water infrastructure: These jobs are either to directly support water infrastructure design and construction, or in related industries.
  • Offers opportunities for locally owned, small businesses: These projects support local businesses that employ people who live and have families in our community. 
  • Creates 4,700-7,500  jobs: 28 percent of construction jobs will go to people of color and women.  
  • Provides opportunities for a variety of professions: Career opportunities are wide-spread to support a diverse workforce including construction, engineering, design, planning, finance, and communications. 
  • Offers a variety of stable, well-paying job opportunities: Numerous jobs will be available to run and manage our water infrastructure once the projects are complete. 

Protects Ratepayers with Wise, Long-term Investments

  • Cecelia Huynh, Director of Finance and Support Services
    Takes advantage of low-interest, fixed-rate federal loan: The low cost loan enables us tomaintain affordability while making important investments in our water system.
  • Saves money by enabling us to repay loan over time: Payments on the loan will not need to begin until after ratepayers are already getting the benefits of the new facilities.  
  • Manages costs closely: Our program team is constantly looking for efficiencies and ways to save money to keep rates affordable.
  • Provides robust financial assistanceWe offer a variety of financial assistance programs for people who struggle to pay their bills.


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