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Important groundwork for design of the filtration facility

Blog Post
We completed the first of four design milestones for the filtration facility. The Filtration Facility Basis of Design Report provides the design foundation for the best treatment process for our water and is another major step toward making the filtration facility a reality.  
Image of the cover from the Bull Run Filtration Project Basis of Design Report

The Filtration Facility Basis of Design report describes the preliminary design of the Facility, establishing water quality and level of service goals and providing detailed narratives for each treatment process and ancillary processes. It also sets design criteria for key disciplines, site utilization plans, and project implementation strategies.

Chapters 1 through 7 of this document present the following topics: project background, water quality, level of service, treatment process recommendations, discipline design criteria, site utilization, and project implementation. Chapter 8 of this document, Value Engineering, identifies changes to the recommendations presented in the previous chapters for the Facility to reduce the estimated cost of the Facility to fit within the Project’s affordability target.

Executive Summary  •  Chapter 1: Introduction  •  Chapter 2: Raw Water Quality and Regulatory Compliance  •  Chapter 3: Level of Service Goals 

Chapter 4: Treatment Process Recommendations  •  Chapter 5: Discipline Design Criteria and Relevant Requirements

Chapter 6: Site Utilization  •  Chapter 7: Project Implementation  •  Chapter 8: Value Engineering