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Filtration Project Construction Workforce Opportunities

The Prime Construction Contractors for the Filtration Project, MWH-Kiewit (facility) and Bull Run Conveyance Partners (pipelines), are committed to supporting the City’s core values of anti-racism, equity, transparency, communication, collaboration, and fiscal responsibility.
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Portland Water Bureau Bull Run Treatment Program

The Portland Water Bureau is building a new 135 million gallon per day drinking water filtration facility (i.e., the Filtration Facility project) and new seismically resilient pipelines (i.e., the Filtration Pipeline project) to connect the facility to our existing water system and retire aging segments of existing pipeline. The improvements we’re planning will use filtration treatment to protect public health and remove sediment, organic material, and other potential contaminants from Bull Run water, providing consistent high-quality drinking water and making our water system more reliable.

Prime Construction Contractors (CM/GCs)

  • Bull Run Filtration Facility Project- MWH-Kiewit Joint Venture
  • Bull Run Filtration Pipeline Project- MWH-J W Fowler Joint Venture (a.k.a. Bull Run Conveyance Partners)

Design Schedule

  • Filtration Facility Project: 90% Complete, Final 100% January 2023
  • Filtration PipelineProject: 90% December 2022, Final 100% June 2023

InsuranceBoth projects will be covered under an Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP).

Regional Workforce Equity Agreement (RWEA)

  • Apprenticeship 20% goal by trade, if working more than 300 hours
  • Workforce Diversity Goals
    • BIPOC 21% of hours in 2022 rising to 25% by 2026
    • Women 8% of hours in 2022, rising to 14% by 2026
    • The workforce diversity goals will be set based on the year the City approves the construction contracts and will not change on the project.
  • Journeyworkers and Apprentices
    • Request using Craft Request Form
  • Core Employees allowed by ratio for those without Collective Bargaining Agreement 
  • Recruitment and Retention Strategies – steps to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

Construction Diversity and Inclusion Policy 

  • 25% Equity Contractor aspirational goal for both projects
    • 16% minimum aspirational goal for Equity Contractors certified or Self-Identified minority contractors
    • 8% minimum aspirational goal for Equity Contractors certified or Self-Identified as women-owned business
    • 1% to any other certified firm designations
  • All certified firms must perform a minimum of 30% of their work.
  • Procurement Methods
    • Less than $150,000 – Direct negotiation with Equity Contractors
    • Less than $1,000,000 – Limited competition among Equity Contractors
    • More than $1,000,000 – Competitively bid. Best Value is an acceptable form of competitively bid.
Rendering of Filtration Facility

Both projects are targeting several Early Out work packages including:

Trucking • Janitorial • Site services • Trash Removal • Temporary Fencing • Waste Management and Recycling • Third Party Quality Control Testing • Portable Toilets • Site Utilities • Temporary Roads • Off-Site Road Improvements • SWPPP • Survey • Site Security • Street Sweeping • Owner Offices and Trailers

Equity Agreements

All firms utilizing trades signatory to the RWEA agreement must meet the RWEA definition of “High Road Contractor.”

“High Road Contractor” is a Prime Contractor or Subcontractor that meets all of the following requirements at time of entry into a contract for performance of Covered Work, and throughout performance of Covered Work:

  1. If required to utilize apprentices pursuant to Section 10.1.C.i, is an Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) registered training agent;
  2. Provides health insurance for all craft employees performing Covered Work, with an option for family enrollment in conjunction with employee contribution to premiums;
  3. Has not been cited by the U.S. Department of Labor, OSHA, or Oregon OSHA for a willful violation or failure to abate violation within the three years prior to bidding or proposing on a project covered by this Agreement; citations currently being contested or that were vacated upon review do not affect Contractor eligibility;
  4. Is in compliance with all requirements of the State of Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board and the State of Oregon’s requirements for workers compensation insurance;
  5. Has not been found:
    1. by the U.S. Department of Labor to have committed an aggravated or willful violation of Davis-Bacon and Related Acts;
    2. by BOLI to have committed a willful violation of prevailing wage rate laws;
    3. by BOLI to have violated Oregon’s anti-discrimination or anti-retaliation laws; or
    4. by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to have violated Title VII or other federal anti-discrimination laws; each within the three years prior to bidding or proposing on a project covered by this Agreement; citations or findings currently being contested that have been vacated do not affect Contractor eligibility;
  6. If using the services of a construction labor contractor, only uses an entity possessing a valid Construction Labor Contractor License issued by BOLI in accordance with the Oregon Contractor Registration Act, ORS 658.405, et seq.; and
  7. If a Subcontractor, commits to self-performing at least 30% of the contract work awarded. If you have challenges to the above, our team is here to help you resolve them.

Anti-Harassment/ Respectful Workplace Training 

  • Must participate in a program.

Workforce Diversity is Tracked 

  • Timely reports to LCP Tracker
  • Reporting will be reviewed by Compliance and the Committee
  • Participants from CBOs will be invited to participate on Committees


View the list of prequalified subcontractors for the following subcontractor bid packages:

  • Package S-16 - Raw Water Pipelines.
  • Package S-17 – Concrete at Areas 20, 30, and 40. 
  • Package S-19 - Balance of Buried Piping. 
  • Package S-21 – Concrete at Clarifier, Gravity Thickener, Sludge Storage Tank, and Overflow Pump Station. 
  • Package S-22 – Buildings at Dewatering Building, Chemical Building, Ozone Building. 
  • Package S-23 – Mechanical at Area 30 (Flocculation, Sedimentation, Filtration). 
  • Package S-24 – Balance of Plant Mechanical. 
  • Package S-25 – Plant Electrical
  •  Package S-18 – Topside Improvements
  • Package S-26 – Landscaping
  • Package S-28 – Photo Documentation
  • Package S-29 – Plant Signage 
  • Package S-32 – Permanent Fencing
  • Package S-01 - Trucking
  • Package S-02 – Temporary Water
  • Package S-03 – Temporary Roads 
  • Package S-04 – Temporary Fencing 
  • Package S-06 – Waste Management and Recycling
  • Package S-07 - Security
  • Package S-08 - Janitorial 
  • Package S-10 – Street Sweeping
  • Package S-11 – Off-Site Road Improvements 
  • Package S-12 – Erosion Control 
  • Package S-14 – Portable Toilets 
  • Package S-15 – Owner Offices 
  • Package S-20 – Septic System 
  • S-01 Raw Water Pipeline
  • S-02 Raw Water Tunnels & Shaft
  • S-03 Finish Water Clearwell Trenchless
  • S-04 Finished Water Pipeline - Dodge Park and Farm Road (AFWP & LFWP)
  • S-05 Finish Water Intertie Facility
  • S-08 Cottrell Road Distribution Main
  • S-09 Finished Water Pipeline - Lusted and Altman Rd (C2 & C4)
  • S-10 Pleasant Home Waterline Relocations
  • S-11 Place Detours and Storm Drainage System
  • S-12 Remove Detours/Storm Drainage and Restore Right of Ways
  • S-13 Fiber Optic Conduit/ Vaults
  • S-15 A, B, C & D Traffic Control
  • S-17 Finished Water Pipeline - Lusted Rd (C3) - Post Plant Startup
  • S-18 Abandon Existing Conduits (C2, C3, C4) including Access
  • S-19 A & B Site Services - Sweeping
  • S-20 A, B, C & D Site Services - Dust Control
  • S-21 Site Services- Waste Management & Janitorial Services
  • S-22 A & B Site Services - Construction Surveying
  • S-23 Site Services - Temporary Electrical

More subcontracting opportunities will become available as construction plans continue to develop. Interested in helping to construct the future Bull Run Filtration facility or pipelines? Fill out the Bull Run Filtration Sub Contractor Interest Form!

Construction Contract Outreach

Photo of Filtration presentation


Filtration Facility Pre-construction Manager – Ben McGeachy,

Filtration Facility Construction Project Manager – John Kolkman,

Filtration Pipeline Pre-construction Manager – Joe Sesil,

Filtration Pipeline Construction Manager/Project Manager – Damian Skerbeck,

Regional Workforce Equity Agreement (RWEA), Construction Diversity and Inclusion Policy (CDIP) -

Paula Wendorf,

Angela Pack,

Portland Water Bureau Project Communications Coordinator – Bonita Oswald,

Project Information: Bull Run Filtration Project

Equity Managers

Filtration Facility – Andre Baugh at Group AGB,

Filtration Pipelines – Faye Burch at FM Burch and Assoc.,

Printable Flyer (English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Russian)