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Bull Run Filtration Construction Activity

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Engineering and design

The Portland Water Bureau is building a Filtration Facility and Pipelines that will be key components of a more resilient water system. The Filtration Facility and Pipelines are needed to meet federal and state drinking water regulations and will be in operation by Sept. 30, 2027.

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Current Field Work Activity

To prepare for design of the new pipelines and facility, workers will be drilling in the area to gather information about soil conditions, through May. Drilling was completed April 16 and drilling at the facility site is expected to be completed by May 29.

There will be significant noise during the drilling, typically ranging from 70 to 80 dBA (similar to the sound of a medium-sized tractor).

The field work will be limited to 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday, and the drilling is anticipated to take 1-2 days at each location.

April 19 - April 23, 2021

Map of filtration facility site drilling for Week of 4/19-23, 2021
Filtration Facility Drill SitePlanned Start Date
1April 19*
2April 20*
3April 21*
4April 22*
5No new drilling starting. Drilling will continue at locations started previous day.
6April 26*

*Dates are subject to change. Work each week is dependent on the previous week, and new weeks will be added on Fridays.

Upcoming Construction Activity

The Filtration Facility and Pipelines are currently being designed. Construction is expected to begin in 2023.   

Construction Contract Notices

MWH Kiewit (a joint venture) is the Construction Manager/General Contractor for the Filtration Facility.

The Construction Manager/General Contractor for the Pipelines will be selected later in 2021. 

Prioritizing Safety 

Safety is our priority. We are continuing work on critical water infrastructure projects like the Bull Run Filtration project during the pandemic. Our teams are following public health guidance to maintain social distancing and other appropriate safety precautions.

Good Neighbor Commitment

We are committed to being a good neighbor throughout the life of the project. This includes ongoing outreach to share information about project progress and invite feedback. We are also working with the Bull Run Filtration Site Advisory Group to build towards a Good Neighbor Agreement that will help make sure neighbors’ concerns are considered through design and construction and into ongoing operations. 

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