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Bull Run Treatment Projects Videos

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Check out our video archive for the Bull Run Treatment Projects. 

Bull Run Treatment Projects Overview

We are making two important improvements to Portland’s water supply from Bull Run. Both projects are required under state and federal law. 

Bull Run Treatment Projects Overview

Improved Corrosion Control

We are making improvements to further reduce lead in drinking water levels at customer taps. No later than April 2022, we will have improved treatment facilities to make our water less corrosive to lead and other metals found in home and building plumbing in Portland. 

Bull Run Treatment Projects Improved Corrosion Control

Silos Delivered for Improved Corrosion Control Treatment Project

Delivery and installation of the two silos for the Improved Corrosion Control Treatment facility was a momentous feat for both man and machine earlier this month. When fully operational, the silos will house treatment to adjust our water chemistry to make it less corrosive to lead and other metals that can be found in some home and building plumbing.

What is Cryptosporidium?

The new filtration facility will remove Cryptosporidium and other potential contaminants from the Bull Run water supply, producing cleaner, safer water.

What is Cryptosporidium?

Benefits of Filtration

In addition to removing Cryptosporidium, filtration provides many other significant benefits to customers, including helping to address potential water quality impacts from fires or storms.

WIFIA Award Event Highlights

Highlights from the March 4, 2021 Bull Run Treatment Projects WIFIA Loan Award Recognition event, featuring Gov. Kate Brown, U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, EPA’s Acting Assistant Administrator for Water Radhika Fox, Mayor Wheeler, Commissioner Mingus Mapps, former Commissioner Amanda Fritz and our own Director Gabriel Solmer.

Highlights from the March 4, 2021 Bull Run Treatment Projects WIFIA Loan Award Recognition event

Filtration Pilot Project

We installed a miniature water treatment facility called a pilot plant at our Headworks facility to learn more about how to most effectively treat our unique water. 

Bull Run Filtration Pilot Facility with Mac Gifford
Bull Run Filtration Project pilot plant investigation

The filtration process presented at the OMSI Science Pub

Kimberly Gupta, Bull Run Supply and Treatment Manager for the Portland Water Bureau describes the filtration process at the April 13, 2021 OMSI Science Pub presentation about the Science of Clean, Safe Drinking Water.

Highlights from the Willamette Water Treatment Facility Tour

In November 2019, we toured the City of Wilsonville’s Willamette River Water Treatment Facility with the community and Bull Run Filtration Site Advisory Group members. Attendees checked out equipment and processes at work at a drinking water filtration facility.

November 2019 tour of the Willamette River Water Treatment Facility

Highlights from the Joint Water Commission Water Treatment Facility Tour

In February 2020, we toured the Joint Water Commission Water Treatment Facility with the community and Bull Run Filtration Site Advisory Group members. Attendees checked out equipment and processes at work at a drinking water filtration facility.

February 2020 tour of the Joint Water Commission Water Treatment Facility

For Our Health

The Bull Run Treatment Projects underway are two significant improvements we’re making to further support and protect the health of everyone in our community: Improved Corrosion Control Treatment and Filtration. These projects are especially important to people with vulnerable immune systems including children, the elderly, and people who are pregnant or medically fragile. Learn more about steps we’re taking to protect against lead exposure and disease-causing microorganisms in our drinking water.

Bull Run Treatment Projects: For Our Health

For Our Health with Commissioner Fritz

Commissioner Amanda Fritz was a former registered nurse prior to being elected to City Council and provides a unique perspective to her role overseeing the Water Bureau. “Water is the most basic need of life," says Commissioner Fritz "We need to make sure there is safe and plentiful water for generations to come.”

For Our Health with Commissioner Fritz

For Our Health with Dr. Vines

As the Multnomah County Health Officer and lead health officer for the Tri-County region, Dr. Jennifer Vines provides leadership on a range of public health issues. “Figuring out a system for clean, safe water 150 years ago was a huge public health win,” says Dr. Vines. “We can take clean water for granted in Portland, thanks to our highly protected Bull Run water source and water treatment.”

Multnomah County Health Officer Dr. Jennifer Vines

For Our Health with Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Patel

Both professionally and at home, Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Patel know how important it is to have clean water coming out of the tap. From the routine care of their patients to making sure their two kids are washing their hands, they understand having infrastructure that ensures we have safe and healthy water is key for public health. For their patients, their family, and the community.

Dr. McKenzie and Dr. Patel

For Our Health with Water Quality Manager, Yone Akagi

At the Portland Water Bureau our Water Quality team works diligently to ensure we deliver drinking water to your tap that meets or surpasses all federal and state drinking water standards. Water Quality Manager, Yone Akagi knows the importance of having safe and healthy drinking water. “The filtration project is going to have a lot of great public health benefits" says Akagi.

Water Quality Manager Yone Akagi

For Our Health with Darcey Ayala

As the nurse manager of the Hemodialysis Unit at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Hospital, Darcey Ayala sees how important clean, safe water is for the treatment and overall health of her patients each and every day.

Darcey Ayala, Hemodialysis Unit Nurse Manager at OHSU Hospital

For Our Economy

The investments we're making in the Bull Run Treatment Projects create jobs today and will provide safe, reliable water infrastructure for our community members, businesses, and industries to thrive for generations to come.  

Bull Run Treatment Projects: For Our Economy

For Our Economy with Fernando's Alegria  

Water is essential to the diverse industries and businesses powering our local economy. Hear how Fernando Rodriquez relies on clean, safe water for everything from hand washing and kitchen sanitation to cooking up his unique twist on the delicious flavors of Mexico.

Fernando Rodriguez, owner of Fernando's Alegria

For Our Economy with Von Ebert Brewing and Wayfinder Beer

The improvements we’re making through the Bull Run Treatment Projects will ensure our water quality is more consistent, which is essential for our local craft brewers to keep churning out new and exciting beer. “Water is used for almost every single process for the brewing industry,” says local brewer Maddy McCarthy with Von Ebert Brewing. Consistent water is key to continuing to brew the ones customers love the most. 

Madeline McCarthy, Brewer at Von Eberts Brewing and Kelsey Cable, Brewer at Wayfinder Beer

For Our Economy with Cecelia Huynh

Keeping water affordable while making key investments in our water system is a top priority at the Portland Water Bureau—and something our whole team takes to heart.

Cecelia Huynh, Director of Finance and Support Services

For Our Economy with Emerio Design

Potable water is important to daily living standards and supporting the local economy. Investing in our infrastructure and water system ensures Portlanders will have a reliable, high-quality water source for years to come. 

Neil Fernando, Principal at Emerio Design

For Our Future

Generations of Portlanders will benefit from the long-term improvements we're making to enhance our water system’s resilience, reduce future risks, and better protect our water.

Bull Run Treatment Projects For Our Future

For Our Future with Kelly Kupcak

Building water infrastructure like the Bull Run Treatment Projects enables skilled tradeswomen to establish rewarding careers and contribute to improving the quality of life in our community.

Kelly Kupcak, Oregon Tradeswomen

For Our Future with Humberto Piedra-Ruiz

For Humberto Piedra-Ruiz, his work as a civil engineer for the Bull Run Treatment Projects is more than a job. It’s an opportunity to ensure access to clean, reliable water for his daughter and our whole community for generations to come.

Humberto Piedra-Ruiz, Portland Water Bureau Engineer

For Our Future with Nisha Supahan

Knowing Portland is investing in safe, clean water gives Tattoo 34 owner and busy mom, Nisha Supahan, confidence in the future for her business, children, and community.

Nisha Supahan, owner of Tattoo 34 on SE Hawthorne, appreciates that the Water Bureau is planning for the future with the Bull Run Treatment Projects.

For Our Future with Commissioner Mingus Mapps

Commissioner Mingus Mapps describes his vision for the Portland Water Bureau and how projects like the new filtration facility that make our water supply more reliable and resilient are a win for everyone, including the most vulnerable in our community.

Commissioner Mingus Mapps

For our Future with Lisa Knight

National Preparedness Month spotlights what firefighters like Lisa Knight see every day—being prepared saves lives. Making our water system more resilient with the Bull Run Treatment Projects is one of the ways the Water Bureau is looking ahead to prepare and protect our community.

Lisa Knight, Portland Fire Department