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Image of Site Advisory Group members touring a filtration treatment site in Wilsonville
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The Portland Water Bureau is planning a new water filtration facility to remove the microorganism Cryptosporidium and other potential contaminants from the Bull Run supply. To help inform this nearly 10-year project, the Bull Run Filtration Site Advisory Group met monthly to discuss details and opportunities for the Bull Run Filtration Project. Site Advisors worked with project staff and helped build a Good Neighbor Agreement by providing an independent community perspective on the facility design, construction, and ongoing operation. 

  • Goal: foster open communication by identifying and resolving community concerns early in the project.

  • Outcome: a Good Neighbor Agreement that documents the Water Bureau’s commitments to filtration facility neighbors during design, construction, and ongoing operation.

  • Site Advisors: property owners near the site, farm operators, a local school representative, an area water utility, environmental interests, and others.

We are providing in-person or virtual informational updates and opportunities for discussion with site neighbors at key design milestones. We will continue to hold these sessions at least quarterly throughout construction. Meeting materials and discussion summaries are added to our website. We also share regular updates in our project e-news. Click on the meeting links below to get caught up and share your input. 

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