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Bull Run Treatment Projects Improvements 

We're making important improvements to the Bull Run water system to protect public health, comply with federal and state drinking water regulations, and help keep our water safe and abundant for generations to come. 

  • The first project, Improved Corrosion Control Treatment, adjusts the chemistry of our water to further reduce potential levels of lead at the tap. We completed construction and brought the upgraded treatment online in April 2022.  
  • The second project, Bull Run Filtration, will remove the microorganism Cryptosporidium and other potential contaminants from our water. The new water filtration facility will be in operation by September 2027. 
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Benefits for Our Health, Economy, and Future

We’re making lasting, long-term investments with the Bull Run Treatment Projects to further protect our health, support our economy, and prepare for our future. 

Benefits for Our Health

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We care about the health of the people and families we serve. The Bull Run Treatment Projects are designed to further protect our health and continue to provide clean, safe drinking water for everyone. 

  • Reduced risk from lead at the tap: Improved corrosion control is helping reduce potential exposure to lead at customers' taps by making our water less likely to corrode (wear away) metals found in some home and building plumbing. 
  • Protection from disease-causing microorganisms: The new water filtration facility will remove Cryptosporidium  and other disease-causing microorganisms from our water to make it even safer. 
  • Protection for the most vulnerable: The filtration facility will take a multi-barrier treatment approach to clean our water and help protect the health of everyone, especially our most vulnerable populations. 
  • Compliance with water quality regulations: The projects use proven treatment methods to comply with federal and state water quality standards.   

Benefits for Our Economy

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Our local businesses, industries, and the people who work and live in our community will benefit economically today—and down the road—from the investments we’re making with the Bull Run Treatment Projects.  

  • Increased construction jobs: The Bull Run Treatment Projects are estimated to generate between 4,700 to 7,500 direct construction jobs and will provide work opportunities to apprentice and journey-level minorities and women in the skilled construction trades.
  • Increased opportunities for underrepresented communities: The projects will deliver an estimated $150 million in contracts to disadvantaged, minority-owned, and women-owned businesses.  
  • Important economic stimulus: For every $1 million invested in water infrastructure, it is estimated that upwards of fifteen jobs are generated throughout the United States economy (Source: IMPLAN 2015, 2017 Value of Water Campaign).
  • Consistent, high-quality water supports our diverse industries: These projects will deliver critical infrastructure to support local manufacturing, healthcare, high technology, hospitality, food and beverage, and other businesses vital to our local and regional economy.   

Benefits for Our Future

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We’re designing and building the Bull Run Treatment Projects to enhance our water system’s resilience, reduce future risks, and better protect our customers. 

  • Enhanced seismic resilience: The new water filtration facility and the pipelines connecting the facility to the existing water system will be designed to modern seismic standards and will be key components of a more resilient water system. 
  • Filtration helps prepare us for fire and other emergencies: The new water filtration facility will help reduce our risk and enable the Bull Run supply to recover more quickly from a fire, landslide, or major storm. 
  • Investing wisely now to position us for future water quality regulations: We're using low-cost, long-term Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act financing to help build the projects and are designing the treatment facilities to support future state and federal regulations.

Project Funding and Affordability

We're committed to making wise investments in the future of our drinking water. The Bull Run Treatment Projects are funded through business and residential customer rates and by borrowing money over time. To keep water rates affordable, we're smoothing water bill impacts from the Bull Run Treatment Projects over time, so bills increase gradually. We also continue to seek efficiencies in bureau operations and programs and explore project financing options. 

Low-cost, Long-term Federal Financing 

We secured a low-cost, long-term Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act loan to help build the projects. Among other benefits, this financing provides at least $247 million of debt-service savings over the loan term. 

Financial Assistance Program

We're continuing to assist those who struggle to afford their bill through our expanded low-income assistance program. If you’re having trouble affording your bill, our Financial Assistance program may be able to help.

Learn more about rate affordability and these important long-term investments

Community Outreach 

Engaging with the community, gathering feedback, and keeping people informed about our Bull Run Treatment Projects is a priority to us.  Check out our community outreach history and upcoming opportunities to get involved.

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