Afloat: Utility Debt Relief

Photo montage showing four small groups of people, alongside the words Afloat: Utility Debt Relief and American Rescue Plan: Investing in Portland. The people pictured are intended to represent the diversity of potential applicants.
Two years into the pandemic, about 14,000 of Portland’s residential customers have overdue sewer/stormwater/water bills. The City of Portland has limited funding from a federal grant to help customers get payments back on track.
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About this debt relief

The Water Bureau and the Bureau of Environmental Services are using this funding to give bill credits to low-income households with debt related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We won’t be able to eliminate all debt, but we aim to reduce debt enough to make a difference.

What's happening now

The Afloat: Utility Debt Relief application was open from March 7th to April 11. We received 2,601 applications. 2,004 accounts will get an Afloat credit - all eligible applications received funding. If you have not received an update by May 23, you can contact us at or 503-823-7770.

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