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Three tips for “March Madness” season

Your water meter deserves some TLC this March Madness season. Here are three tips everyone should follow as you tend to your yard this spring.

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Portland Water Bureau Climate Expert to Join Upcoming White House Climate Resilience Summit

Today, Thursday, Sept. 28, 2023, the Portland Water Bureau’s lead climate expert Kavita Heyn will be participating in the first-ever White House Summit on Building Climate Resilient Communities.

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Spring is here. Keep your meter clear.

Water meter readers walk far and near,
to read each meter four times a year.
If your meter's blocked, they'll have to reappear.
So help them out and keep your meter clear!

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Welcome our two new directors Kimberly Gupta and Sarah Santner

The Portland Water Bureau is pleased to announce Kimberly Gupta as the Operations Group Director and Sarah Santner as the Resource Protection and Planning Group Director.

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Finding leaks from space

Yes, you read that right--from space! Learn how we're using satellites to find leaks and save water and money.

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