Find a HydroPark

A sign along a barkdust trail into a park
The Portland Water Bureau's HydroParks are water infrastructure facilities that have been transformed to also serve as neighborhood greenspaces. Find one near you.

If you have a HydroPark in your neighborhood, you may already be familiar with these unique outdoor spaces. But did you know that they're part of a one-of-a-kind program that makes these greenspaces available all around the Portland area?  

Under the leadership of former Commissioner Randy Leonard, the Portland Water Bureau began turning key water infrastructure sites into public open spaces. Most facilities had previously been off-limits to local residents, and many were located in neighborhoods with few parks. The Hydro-Park program transformed these facilities into popular gathering spots for neighborhood residents, many of whom help care for these sites.

Find your favorite HydroPark below, or discover a new one:

Gilbert HydroPark

Address: 13803 SE Center Street

Located in the Powellhurst-Gilbert neighborhood, Gilbert HydroPark includes a walking path, benches, and picnic tables.

Halsey HydroPark

Address: NE 148th and Halsey Street

Located in the Wilkes neighborhood, Halsey HydroPark includes benches and a picnic table. There's a large sloping field in the center of the open space. The in-ground tank is barely noticeable to visitors.

Hazelwood HydroPark

Address: 1017 NE 117th Ave

Located in the Hazelwood neighborhood, Hazelwood HydroPark is the first and largest of our open spaces. There are benches and picnic tables, and a popular community garden in the middle. The East Portland Neighborhood Office is located on the corner, and a water conservation demonstration garden showcases water-efficient landscaping.

Marigold HydroPark

Address: 8925 SW 15th Ave

Located in the Markham neighborhood, Marigold HydroPark is dominated by one of our largest elevated tanks. There are a few benches, a picnic table, and some native plants to enjoy.

Pittman Addition HydroPark

Address: North Concord and North Going Court

Located in the Overlook neighborhood, this open space includes picnic tables and benches made from recycled materials. The site was once covered with invasive plants, and community members have planted lots of native plants to create an urban wildlife habitat. An active committee of community members and artists are working to bring temporary art to the park on a rotating basis.

Sabin HydroPark

Address: 1907 NE Skidmore

Located in the Sabin neighborhood, this open space includes a children's playground, picnic tables, and benches. The southeast portion has a very popular community garden. In 2012, a micro hydro-turbine generator was installed at this site to convert the thrust of water into useful electrical energy at an estimated rate of 150,000 kilowatt hours per year. This electricity is used to help power area water facilities and excess electricity is sold back to PacifiCorp. The extra revenue is used to keep the overall cost of delivering water service to a minimum.

Texas HydroPark

Address: 3109 SW Texas Street

Located in the Multnomah neighborhood, this small open space used to be entirely fenced off. Now neighbors can stroll through, relax on a bench, and enjoy the scenery.


For more information about HydroParks, email the Water Bureau's property manager or call 503-823-7503.