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Apply for an annual hydrant permit

If you run a business that needs water at various places around the city, you can apply for an annual hydrant permit. The permit allows you to fill your truck or trailer tank at certain hydrants.

Applying for a permit takes about 15 minutes. You may also need to factor in time to have your water tank inspected.

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Before requesting a permit

To qualify for an annual permit, you must have your truck- or trailer-mounted water tank air gap inspected and approved by Water Bureau staff. These inspections are good for three years. Call the hydrant permit coordinator to schedule your air gap inspection.

Using your annual hydrant permit

Photo of an orange hydrant surrounded by a square of concrete and green moss. On the front of the hydrant is a blue ring that says "Annual Permit Use."

Your permit allows you to use hydrants authorized for annual permits. You may not use hydrants that are not authorized. Find authorized hydrants on this interactive map. Authorized hydrants have a blue ring on the front. 

How to request an annual hydrant permit

By phone

Call the hydrant permit coordinator at 503-823-1256. You'll need to have this information ready:

  • Company name
  • Truck license number
  • Copy of the current water tank inspection report from the Water Bureau Water Quality Inspector
  • Credit or debit card number (for payment)

Water Bureau staff will collect payment from you and then mail you the permit tags and receipt.

In person (by appointment only)

Photo map of the meter shop at 1850 N Interstate and where to enter the Water Bureau campus at 701 N Hancock St

You can buy your permit in person at the Water Bureau meter shop. You'll need an appointment; please call 503-823-1256 at least two days in advance. We offer appointments Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. If you buy the permit in person, you'll receive your permit tags and receipt at the appointment.

The meter shop is at 1850 N Interstate Avenue. If you're using GPS or a map app for directions, use 701 N Hancock Street as your destination and then enter the Portland Water Bureau gate on the left. The meter shop is on the left by the gas pumps.

Annual permit fees and payment

Here are hydrant permit details:

  • Annual hydrant permits are for tank-type vehicle use only. The charge is for unmeasured water use for two vehicle permit tags, up to 50,000 cubic feet of water.
  • All tanks must have an approved air gap and a current water quality inspection certificate.
  • Permits run from July 1 to June 30. If you buy your permit after July 1, you may be discounted $200 for each full month that has passed since the beginning of the permit year. We do not prorate permit fees for partial months or for additional tags for more than two vehicles.
Annual permit feesCost
Two vehicle permit tags (includes 50,000 cubic feet of water)$3,827.00
Additional vehicle permit tag for tanks under 1,000 gallons$704.00
Additional vehicle permit tag fortanks over 1,000 gallons$1,481.00