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About hydrant permits for nonpotable use

A photo of an orange fire hydrant with a large white hose and metal mechanical pieces attached to it.
You can apply for a permit to use water from hydrants. We offer annual hydrant permits and temporary hydrant permits. Read on for information about each type of permit.
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About hydrant permits

We issue two types of hydrant permits: annual permits and temporary permits.

An annual permit allows a business to draw from authorized hydrants throughout the city. If that's what you need, you can apply for an annual hydrant permit.

A temporary permit allows you to use a single hydrant at one specific location for no more than 90 days. If that applies to you, you can apply for a temporary hydrant permit.

More about annual hydrant permits

Photo of an orange hydrant surrounded by a square of concrete and green moss. On the front of the hydrant is a blue ring that says "Annual Permit Use."

We issue annual permits to businesses with truck or trailer tanks that need water as they move from site to site. The permit allows the business to draw water from authorized hydrants throughout the city's water system.

To qualify for an annual permit, you must have a water tank (truck- or trailer-mounted) that has been inspected and approved by Water Bureau Water Quality Inspection staff. You may only use authorized hydrants, which are marked on this interactive map.

Types of work we allow under an annual permit

If your business does one of these types of work, an annual permit may be appropriate for you:

  • Pressure washing
  • Seeding
  • Sweeping
  • Using vactor trucks

Apply for an annual hydrant permit

More about temporary hydrant permits

A photo of an orange fire hydrant with a large white hose and metal mechanical pieces attached to it.

A temporary hydrant permit allows you to use a single, specific hydrant. The location of the hydrant is specified in the permit. As the permit holder, you must use specific equipment to operate the hydrant, track water use, and keep the water system safe. The Water Bureau can rent this equipment to you for a fee.

Types of work we allow under a temporary permit

If you're doing any of these types of work, a temporary permit may be for you:


  • Construction, including for commercial development
  • Compaction
  • Demolition or dust control
  • Providing water for commercial sites until permanent services are installed


  • Sewer or sewer sump testing
  • Testing water mains, including mains in new subdivisions
  • Hydro testing tanks

Other work

  • Filming
  • Installing fiber-optic communication within a specific defined boundary
  • Special events

The Water Bureau director can approve other uses of temporary permits.

Work we don't allow under hydrant permits

A hydrant permit is not for...

  • Filling swimming pools
  • Providing temporary irrigation
  • Doing regular cleaning of a company parking lot or work area

Apply for a temporary hydrant permit