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Audit Update: Water Bureau not done defining roles or formulating long-term groundwater plan

This is a two-year follow-up to our 2020 report, "Groundwater: City identified risks, must develop a long-term plan to address them."

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Environmental Services is moving forward with proposed changes to ENB-4.07 regarding the criteria the bureau will apply when evaluating route of service

Environmental Services proposes revisions to ENB-4.07 to remove obsolete policies and provide guidance and clarity on the decision-making criteria it will apply when evaluating route of service options for properties connecting to the public sewer system. The public comment period is now closed.

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Willamette River Crossing Project Update - June 2022

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Powell Butte Reservoir 1 Roof Repair Update - June 2022

Read our June e-newsletter to learn more about construction on the reservoir roof at Powell Butte.


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