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Ten Tiny Community Healing Dances

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Three photos, each showing dancers on a 4 by 4 feet stage outside: left photo shows a woman, middle photo shows three women in clothing from India, right photo shows a man
The short dances, contained by the 4x4 stage at Lents Park, are condensed statements of artist individuality and diverse responses to community healing.
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Video premiere: Ten Tiny Community Healing Dances

Ten Tiny Community Healing Dances is one of the events sponsored by the City of Portland's Community Healing through Art initiative. This initiative, part of the City Arts Program, granted resources to a series of arts activations and events across Portland that offer reflections on the experiences of the last 18 months and opportunities to contemplate community healing. Artists created performances for the Ten Tiny Dances stage (4x4 feet) and were challenged to respond to recorded narratives from residents of Portland’s Lents neighborhood

Ten choreographers. One tiny stage. Ten Tiny Community Healing Dances.

- Mike Barber, Artistic Director and Founder of Ten Tiny Dances ®

- Subashini Ganesan, Former City of Portland’s Creative Laureate

Find information about the Community Healing through Art events here.

Español (Spanish) - Diez Pequeños Bailes de Sanación Comunitaria

Diez Pequeños Bailes de Sanación Comunitaria es uno de los eventos patrocinados por la Iniciativa de Sanación Comunitaria a través del Arte de la Ciudad de Portland. Esta iniciativa, parte del Programa de Artes de la Ciudad, otorgó recursos a una serie de activaciones de arte y eventos a través de Portland que reflejan las experiencias de los últimos 18 meses y las oportunidades para contemplar la sanación comunitaria. Los artistas crearon presentaciones para el escenario (4x4) de Diez Pequeños Bailes y fueron retados a responder a las narrativas grabadas de los residentes del vecindario Lents en Portland.

Diez coreografxs. Un pequeño escenario. Diez Pequeños Bailes de Sanación Comunitaria. 

- Mike Barber, Director Artístico y Fundador de Diez Pequeños Bailes ®

- Subashini Ganesan, Directora Anterior del Laureado Creativo de Portland

中文 (Chinese) - 十场小型集体性治愈的舞蹈



- Mike Barber, 十个微型舞蹈创始人,艺术总监

- Subashini Ganesan, 波特兰前创意桂冠获得者

Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese) - Mười Điệu Nhảy Nhỏ Bé Để Chữa Lành Cho Cộng Đồng

Mười Điệu Nhảy Nhỏ Bé Để Chữa Lành Cho Cộng Đồng là một trong những sự kiện được tài trợ bởi sáng kiến   Chữa lành Cộng đồng thông qua Nghệ thuật của Thành phố Portland. Sáng kiến   này, một phần của Chương trình Nghệ thuật Thành phố, đã cung cấp các nguồn lực cho một loạt các hoạt động và sự kiện nghệ thuật trên khắp Portland nhằm phản ánh những trải nghiệm trong 18 tháng qua và cơ hội chiêm nghiệm về sự chữa lành cùng cộng đồng.  Các nghệ sĩ đã tạo ra các màn biểu diễn cho sân khấu Mười Điệu Nhảy Nhỏ Bé (4x4 feet) và được thử thách để trả lời các câu chuyện được ghi lại từ các cư dân của khu phố Lents tại Portland.

Mười biên đạo múa.  Một sân khấu nhỏ.  Mười Điệu Nhảy Nhỏ Bé Để Chữa Lành Cho Cộng Đồng.

- Mike Barber, Giám đốc Nghệ thuật và Người sáng lập Ten Tiny Dances ®
- Subashini Ganesan, Cựu Người đoạt giải thưởng Sáng tạo của Thành phố Portland

What are Ten Tiny Dances?

Ten Tiny Dances® is dance performance in confined space, which often incorporates movement-based theater and spoken word. It challenges artists to invent ways to respond to the possibilities of 16 sq. ft. It interrupts the usual expectations for dance vocabulary, performance, and viewing, and affects the way people move and are perceived in space.

In this iteration, our 10 choreographers have listened to a dozen multi-generational Lents residents who shared their stories, experiences, and reflections about the last 18 months. They choreographed a Ten Tiny Dances® response to what they experienced through listening to these stories. In this way, artists, community members and audience alike have had the precious opportunity to share a diverse array of community-focused explorations of healing.

Meet the choreographers

A smiling man with a beard

Anis Mojgani is the current Poet Laureate of Oregon. A two-time individual champion of the National Poetry Slam and winner of the International World Cup Poetry Slam, his work has appeared on HBO, NPR, and in the pages of the NYTimes. Mojgani is the author of five books of poetry and the libretto for the opera, Sanctuaries. His first children’s book is forthcoming from Chronicle Books in 2024. Originally from New Orleans, Anis lives in Portland Oregon.

Woman directs dancers in a studio

Makino Hayashi was born in Kumamoto Japan. She is a dancer, choreographer, film maker and painter. She moved to Denver CO, in 2002 and danced with Colorado Ballet for six years. She moved to Portland OR, in 2010 and has been dancing with Oregon Ballet Theatre since then. She also has done a lot of guesting. She started choreographing in 2013 and has been creating work both here in the US and Japan. Her film was accepted in several film festivals and played in the US and Canada. 

A woman dancing with long hair swinging around her head

sophia tweed ahmad is an emerging movement artist currently focusing on score based choreography and research of organic sounds & reverberations in the body. She believes in the power of abun(dance) as collaborative social therapy. Find them at capoeria rodas, contact improv jams, filming site specific dances and working with multicultural youth.

A head and shoulders photo of a Black man on the left and a on the right is a separate image of a woman on stage dancing

Belinda Rose (pictured right) and Olaoye Onipede (aka Ola) are company members of earthdance, an all Black/African/Afro descendant dance company which is a project of Viva La Free. Belinda started her professional career at the Sky Club Aerial Show and Circus Church. She has been touring along the West Coast and engages her community through circus arts. Ola is classically training and takes heart to dances like Afrobeat and Bata, from his origins in Nigeria, West Africa. He has performed independently, with companies, and taught in Nigeria, Jamaica, LA, DC, Texas, and NYC. 

Person  in black t-shirt and plaid shirt dancing

Shaun Keylock Company advances new developments in contemporary dance while fostering an exchange of ideas between artists and communities. The company is known for creating unique works of contemporary performance that are at once both technically sound and radically subversive, often exploring the many facets of LGBTQ+ identity. 

Man dancing with colorful background

Originally by way of New York, Malik Delgado draws his inspiration from his Afro American and Afro Caribbean origins. As a student/performer of street art expression with Portland City Rockers, Soul Trigger PDX, Guapacha Dance Co., Malik’s journey includes immersion into many styles such as B-Boying, Rocking, Popping/Boogaloo and Krump. He believes what defines us as artists is the work we do to uplift and learn from each other in our communities. To this end, Delgado is currently building community programs to help spread the stories of people of color through dance, art, and culture.

Woman dancing in traditional, colorful clothing from India

Bharatanatyam performing artist, teacher, and choreographer, Sweta Ravisankar began her journey in this art form nearly three decades ago. She holds a Masters in Bharatanatyam, MFA, and is the artistic director of Sarada Kala Nilayam, where she instructs Bharathanatyam to students.  She performs extensively throughout the US and India as a solo artist and freelance dancer performing with other dance companies. In addition to dance, Sweta has completed her Ph.D. and works as a research scientist in the reproductive biology field.

Woman on beach with eyes closed and arms stretched out

Jamie Minkus’ affinity with Brazilian culture and acrobatics drew her to capoeira with Mestre Almiro. Capoeira opened her to the vast folkloric movements of the African Diaspora. She has studied extensively with Donna Oefinger locally, as well as traveled internationally to Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, and Mexico to further her studies. She also toured nationally as a capoeirista and dancer.  She is currently a dance and Pilates instructor, choreographer, producer, and performing artist in Portland OR. Jamie is thrilled to collaborate with Ten Tiny Dances and the Lents community for this important, healing work. Onward.

Man in black baseball cap with arms in a pose

Adrian "Lobo" Miramontes is an internationally recognized performance artist and street dance competitor and is known for his specialty in the various street dance styles of Pop Lock (aka Popping). Adrian Lobo began dancing in the underground street dance world of Los Angeles, where he studied with the world’s best street dancers and originators of the dance. He has been a featured choreographer on Hulu's online dance series "The League of Extraordinary Dancers, season 1 & 2" directed by Jon M. Chu and toured with the international dance company Cie 13 throughout Europe.

Woman with stage lighting dancing

Crystal Jiko Sasaki is a Dance-based Improvisor, Performance Artist + Facilitator. She/they/ is a multiracial queerdo from The Bay, based on Chinook land // PortlandOregon, since 2017.

The Community Healing through Art initiative is funded in part by the City of Portland, the Oregon Community Foundation and the James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation, with support from the Office of Mayor Ted Wheeler and the Office of Commissioner Carmen Rubio.
Special thanks to the City of Beaverton Arts Program for lending their tiny stage.