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Healthy Business Program (American Rescue Plan)

People walk by a business with a Healthy Business Permit that offer outdoor seating with a sun umbrella as they eat and drink
Through the Healthy Business Program the Portland Bureau of Transportation works with local businesses to create accessible outdoor spaces creating spaces for community members to gather, access goods and services during the pandemic.
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This project provides right-of-way space for business operations enabling a safer way for community members to access goods and services while mitigating the impacts of the pandemic to businesses. Outdoor space is critical to business operations during the pandemic. Due to safety concerns, many community members do not feel comfortable accessing businesses indoors. Families with children too young to be vaccinated and immunocompromised community members must take additional care. The availability of outdoor space allows businesses to retain customers and serve the community. Outdoor space also allows businesses to maintain continuity when responding to shifting capacity limits and other public health regulations. Many businesses have enacted additional internal policies to maintain the health and safety of staff and customers. Outdoor space allows businesses to maintain employment levels, preserve revenue, and avoid closure. 

Who does this program serve?  

This program will serve local Portland based businesses who have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.   


October 2021: Program Launch 

March 2022: Open for application 

May 2022: Recipients selected 

June 2022: Permits are activated  

August 2023: All funds must be spent 

How do I apply for this program? 

Applications for Healthy Businesses permits now open. For more information, go to PBOT’s Healthy Businesses website.  

How is this program funded?  

The Healthy Business program is funded by Portland’s $208 million allocation for the American Rescue Plan – a federal relief and recovery program enacted in 2021. City of Portland investments span three key priorities:  

  • Learn about Homelessness Response and Household Stabilization 

  • Learn about Small Business and Commercial District Stabilization 

  • Learn about Community Health and Safety 

This program supports Community Health & Safety.  

Who manages this program?  

As a part of Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT)'s Safe Streets Initiative, the Healthy Business Program was developed to help businesses and organizations meet the requirements for physical distancing to limit the spread of Covid-19. PBOT recognizes that sidewalks and streets play an important role in providing space for people to safely access goods and services. This program is operated with ongoing guidance from state and county health officials. 

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) is a community partner in shaping a livable city. PBOT plans, builds, manages, and maintains an effective and safe transportation system that provides people and businesses access and mobility. PBOT keep Portland moving. 


The City of Portland is committed to sharing how American Rescue Act funding supports Portland people, households, businesses, and community organizations. Check back for updates on the Venture Portland Catalytic Investment Initiative. 

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