Homeowner Foreclosure Prevention

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The Homeowner Foreclosure Prevention program works through partner organizations to provide foreclosure prevention counseling and, where needed, financial assistance to homeowners facing foreclosure. This program is funded by the American Rescue Plan, which is investing in Portland’s recovery.


This multi-year program anticipates long-lasting impacts of the pandemic and focuses on home retention and stability. Once moratoriums expire, we should be prepared for possible foreclosures or threats of such action, or homeowners will be forced to rely on credit cards and any existing savings to pay the increased monthly payments or lump sums in some cases. This project responds directly to the negative impacts of the pandemic on low-income community members and will stabilize vulnerable homeowners. 

The Foreclosure Prevention Counseling service element of this project will be offered through nonprofit HUD-certified counseling agencies who will provide homeowners the support to navigate foreclosure prevention options with their servicer. In the future, this project will also provide financial assistance for Portland residents who have been financially impacted by COVID-19 and who are at risk of losing their homes by directing payments to the mortgage company, utility company or tax collector (as eligible), extending the amount of assistance and eligible uses from previous programs. The project will fill any gaps from the ARP State Homeowner Assistance Fund (HAF) once State allocations are determined and provide some financial planning and support to ensure long term housing stability. 

Who does this program serve?

Program delivery will be primarily through culturally-specific organizations with an existing pipeline of Black, Indigenous, and other homeowners of color. 


This program is expected to run through June 2024 unless all funding is spent sooner.

How do I apply for this program?  

To sign up for HUD approved Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, please reach out to one of the following agencies: 

African American Alliance for Homeownership 

  • Online using the link above, or by phone at (503) 595-3517 

Native American Youth and Family Center 

  • Online using the link above, or by phone at (503) 288-8177 

How is this program funded?

The City of Portland has committed $2.5 million to this program. This money comes from the U.S. government’s 2021 American Rescue Plan local recovery funds. Portland will receive a total of $208 million from the American Rescue Plan and has until Dec. 31, 2026, to spend it. The City of Portland is spending money in three priority categories:

  • Houselessness Response and Household Stabilization
  • Small Business and Commercial District Stabilization
  • Community Health and Safety

Read more about these investments in this article: American Rescue Plan: Investing in Portland

Who manages this program?

The Homeowner Foreclosure Prevention program is managed by the Portland Housing Bureau. Portland Housing Bureau works toward the vision that all Portlanders can find affordable homes and have equitable access to housing. To this end, PHB is tasked with developing citywide housing policy, increasing affordable housing, promoting stable homeownership, and managing resources.


We want to be transparent and accountable with how the City of Portland is spending American Rescue Plan money. Explore the different projects at our Rescue Plan Open Data website.