Business Revitalization and Activation

A storefront picture showcasing a series of businesses ready to open for the day. Cars are parked in front and the sun in beginning to shine.
Prosper Portland partners with business district managers, community-based organizations, small businesses, and public partners to provide emergency relief and activation activities in public and private spaces throughout downtown and business districts impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Downtown and neighborhood commercial districts continue to struggle because of the pandemic. A team at Prosper Portland is working to revitalize and activate these areas in partnership with community and city bureau partners. Activations include small business popups and events that will transform plazas and vacant storefronts. This project will focus on supporting BIPOC-owned business and community-serving organizations.

Who does this program serve?

This project will focus on supporting BIPOC-owned business and community-serving organizations.


September 2021: Program has been operational since 2020

August 2022: All funds must be spent

How do I apply for this program?  

This program does not accept applications. This funding is for a consultant scope of work.

How is this program funded?

The City of Portland has committed $165,000 to this program. This money comes from the U.S. government’s 2021 American Rescue Plan local recovery funds. Portland will receive a total of $208 million from the American Rescue Plan and has until Dec. 31, 2026, to spend it. The City of Portland is spending money in three priority categories:

  • Houselessness Response and Household Stabilization
  • Small Business and Commercial District Stabilization
  • Community Health and Safety

Read more about these investments in this article: American Rescue Plan: Investing in Portland

Who manages this program?

Prosper Portland, the city’s economic development agency, operates this program. Prosper Portland’s mission is to create economic growth and opportunity for Portland.


The City of Portland is committed to sharing how American Rescue Act funding supports Portland people, households, businesses, and community organizations. Check back for updates on the Business Revitalization and Activation program.

For more information from Prosper Portland, go to: Prosper Portland’s Economic Recovery Investments Funded by the American Rescue Plan – Prosper Portland