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Tree Review Guide for Land Divisions

Get helpful information about tree preservation, tree removal and tree review. Learn more about when a tree review is required. Find out if tree review is required in Johnson Creek Plan District, in the Pleasant Valley overlay resource zone and learn about correcting violations and tree removal.
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Tree Review provides a process to:

  • find out if mitigation proposed for tree removal is appropriate and adequate

  • find out if changes to tree preservation plans or tree-related conditions of approval are appropriate

  • determine the level of mitigation for trees lost due to violations of tree regulations

  • offer flexibility for unusual site situations

When a Tree Review is required

Chapter 33.853 of the Portland Zoning Code (Title 33) requires Tree Review in the following situations:

Proposed tree removal within the following Plan Districts and Overlay Zones

  • Trees in the Scenic Overlay Zone that do not qualify for removal under 33.480.040.B.2.g, Preservation of Trees
  • Johnson Creek Basin Plan District, Section 33.537.125, Tree Removal Standards
  • Rocky Butte Plan District, Section 33.570.040.C, Tree Removal Standards

Proposed tree removal that meets certain conditions may not require tree review. Refer to the above Zoning Code Sections to determine if an exemption is allowed. Proposed tree removal that requires environmental review is exempt from tree review.

Changes to tree preservation requirements of a land use review approval

Proposed changes to tree preservation requirements, such as changes to trees to be preserved, mitigation requirements, or other conditions of approval, require tree review.

If the tree preservation or mitigation was required as part of an environmental, greenway, or Pleasant Valley natural resource review, changes are subject to the regulations of the relevant overlay zone chapter and exempt from tree review.

Corrections to violations

  • Corrections to violations of tree protection and tree preservation regulations of the Zoning Code require tree review. 
  • Tree Review is required for violations of the tree preservation requirements in the Johnson Creek Plan District if the site is not within an environmental overlay zone.
  • Tree violations in the environmental, greenway, and Pleasant Valley natural resource overlay zones are not subject to Tree Review but are reviewed through the procedures of those overlay zones.

Tree review procedure

Most Tree Reviews are processed through a Type II land use review procedure. Chapter 33.730 explains the steps of the land use review.

For violations of tree preservation requirements, a Type III process may be required if the original land use process was a Type III. Refer to Section 33.853.030.

Approval criteria

Applications for Tree Reviews must include written statements describing how the applicable approval criteria are met. Approval criteria for Tree Reviews are found in the related Zoning Code Chapter 33.853 webpage. 

How to change or correct an approved Land Division Tree Preservation Plan before final plat approval

If tree preservation requirements are the only change proposed, a tree review is required.

Tree Preservation Requirements for Land Divisions

Protecting Trees During Construction and Tree Preservation Inspections

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