Overview of Urban Forestry Development Review

Urban Forestry is responsible for reviewing Street, City, and Heritage trees. Urban Forestry reviews are conducted any time a project is valued at $25K or greater and any time a Street, City , or Heritage tree may be impacted or removed by the development.

Project taken in by BDS

BDS intakes projects and sets up cases

Reviews assigned for Urban Forestry review

  • Urban Forestry reviews are only for Street, City, and Heritage trees
  • Assigned when a project is valued 25k or greater
  • Also can be assigned when project is impacting or proposing removal of Street, City, and Heritage trees.

Urban Forestry Review Scope

  • Street, City, Heritage tree preservation, protection, or mitigation
  • Street tree planting
  • On-site tree planting for City properties

All other on-site trees are reviewed by BDS Planning and Zoning.

Urban Forestry Preliminary Review

  • Tree Technicians conduct initial review
  • Looking for:

Urban Forestry Field Visit

  • Tree Inspectors will be assigned cases for field inspection when:
    • Street, City, or Heritage trees are proposed for removal
    • Street, City, or Heritage trees will be impacted by the development
    • Tree planting is unable to be determined without a field visit
    • Any other cased where a field visit is needed to determine requirements


  • Checksheets will be sent to describe Urban Forestry’s requirements such as:
    • Additional tree plan information
    • Tree Planting requirements
    • Tree Preservation requirements
    • Tree Mitigation requirements

Approval / Stamps / Additional Documents

When Urban Forestry approves its review of a development permit additional information will be provided. The format of the information will depend on how the project was reviewed. 

  • Paper Plans
    • Urban Forestry staff will mark the plans with red ink and apply red stamps to the site/tree plans. 
  • Single PDF Reviews
    • A separate Memo will be included with the final approved plan set showing which showing which stamps apply.
  • Full Project Dox Reviews
    • All information will be sent digitally within Project Dox.

Additional documents will be provided with the approved plan set when required.