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Environmental Reviews

Learn more about the City of Portland's environmental review process. Get the land use review application and the early assistance application.

Tree Requirements for Land Divisions

Get helpful information about tree preservation, tree removal and tree review. Learn more about when a tree review is required. Find out if tree review is required in Johnson Creek Plan District, in the Pleasant Valley overlay resource zone and learn about correcting violations and tree removal.

Protecting Trees During Construction and Tree Preservation Inspections

Learn more about protecting trees during construction. Review tree protection options (paths), and the Root Protection Zone.

Land Use Review Fees and Land Use Review Types

Read about the different procedure types for land use review. Find out how long a land use review takes. Get information about each land use procedure type and land use review fees.

Portland Tree and Landscape Manual 

Get information about landscaping and screening requirements in the City of Portland.

Public Works Permits Home Page

Permitting process for public infrastructure improvements triggered by private development projects.

Design Overlay Zone Amendments (DOZA)

The design overlay zone (d-overlay) provides direction on development and urban design in Portland’s highest-density places. The Design Overlay Zone Amendments (DOZA) project will update and improve the process and the tools used to guide design in these areas.

Read the Tree Code, Title 11

Online resource for City of Portland Title 11 Tree code. 

Development Specific Tree code: Chapter 11.50 Trees in Development Situations

Tree Code Amendments 

(Summer and Fall 2020) On Nov. 12, 2020, the Portland City Council adopted updated policies related to tree preservation during development activities. This page includes information that led to this policy decision.

Title 11 Tree Code

Online resource for City of Portland Title 11 Tree code. 

Trees Fee Schedule

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