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Determine if a Land Use Review Governs Tree Preservation

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Use for relevant information gathering.
  1. Go to the Bureau of Development Services Permit/Case Search website at 
  2. Type in the address and hit "Go"
  3. You may have to select the correct address from a list
  4. Look through the permit/case numbers and see if any of them end in "LU," with permit/case type of "Land Use Review"
  5. If you see any Land Use Reviews associated with the address, call Urban Forestry at 503-823-TREE (8733) and ask the technician to look up whether the Land Use Review governs tree preservation on the lot. Have the following information available when you call:
    • The Land Use Review permit/case number
    • The address of the lot
    • The location of the tree on the lot
    • The species, diameter, and condition of  the tree
    • Why you wish to remove the tree
    • Your name, phone number, and relationship to the property