Tree Protection and Inspection Information

Projects will not get final approval until tree inspections are approved. Use this checklist to plan and prepare for tree protection during construction or renovation. Find out how to schedule your tree inspection. Learn about prohibited activities in the root protection zone.
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Main Points

  • Required tree protection fencing and signage must be installed, inspected, and approved before any ground disturbance.
  • Projects will not receive final approval until tree inspections are approved.
  • Tree protection fencing must remain installed until final inspection is approved.
  • You must call for a tree preservation inspection before any ground disturbance or other inspections take place.

Commercial Permits, Residential Permits, and Site Development Permits

  1. Call the 24-hour Requests for Inspection and Inspection Results number before 6 a.m. on the day you need the inspection.
    • Be sure to have your permit number or IVR number available for reference when you call.
    • Inspection requests received after 6 a.m. will be put on the list for the next business day.
  2. When the system prompts you for an inspection code, please enter inspection #507.

Field Issuance Remodel (FIR) Permits and Tree Inspections 

  1. Contact Urban Forestry.
  2. A tree code technician will schedule a tree protection inspection for you.

Zoning Permits and Tree Preservation Inspections 

  1. Call Urban Forestry. 
  2. Choose option #2 to schedule an inspection with a tree code technician.
  3. After passing the tree code inspection, use the IVR system to request your Zoning Final (Code Compliance) inspection.
  4. When the system prompts you for an inspection code, please enter inspection #555.

Prohibited Activities in the Root Protection Zone

The following is prohibited within the Root Protection zone:

  • Grade change or cut and fill
  • Ground Disturbance
  • New buildings or surfaces
  • Staging or storage of materials and equipment
  • Vehicle parking or maneuvering
  • Utilities and stormwater/drainage facilities

When unauthorized encroachment occurs, the city may pursue an enforcement action or other remedy.

Things to Keep in Mind for Tree Preservation Inspections 

  • Root Protection Zone fencing must be a minimum six-foot high metal chain link fence secured with eight-foot high metal posts
  • Signage designating the RPZ, penalties for violations, and arborist contact information (if using the performance method) shall be secured in a prominent location on each protection fence
  • The City Forester or Development Services Director’s delegate may conduct inspections during development to determine compliance with Title 11
  • Any changes to approved tree protection must be reviewed and approved before field changes occur. Contact Planning and Zoning for information
  • See Chapter 11.60.030 Tree Protection Specifications for more information

For a downloadable and printable version of this information:

For more information regarding City of Portland Title 11, Trees contact Urban Forestry.

Read the Tree Code, Title 11


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