Protecting Trees During Construction (Performance Path)

Fencing for root protection zone during development
When it is not practical to establish a Root Protection Zone to the specifications of the Prescriptive Path method, you may use alternative measures to modify the Root Protection Zone. This Performance based method involves alternative solutions to meet the situation be prepared by an arborist.

Performance Path

When changing the Root Protection Zone size or using alternative construction techniques, the following standards must be met:

  • The alternative Root Protection method must be prepared by an arborist.
    • The arborist would have visited the site
    • Examined the tree’s size, location, and extent of root cover 
    • Evaluated the tree’s tolerance to construction impact based on its species and health
    • Identified any past impacts that have occurred within the root zone
  • The arborist must prepare a Tree Protection Plan describing:
    • How the alternative method provides an adequate level of protection.
    • This should be based on the findings from the site visit described above.
    • The arborist must sign the Tree Preservation and Protection Plan and include their contact information.
  • If the arborist is required to be on site during construction activity, make sure to sign a contract for those services.
  • The contract should include a final report from the arborist documenting all inspections and verifying the viability of the trees after the construction phases.

Read the Tree Code, Title 11