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Appeal a Tree Permit Decision, Request Administrative Review of a Decision

Learn more about how to appeal a tree permit decision. Request an administrative review of any public notice about City Code Title 11. Ask for review of a development decision. Get information about the tree permit appeals process and the administrative review application.

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To apply for an Administrative Review, you must specifically address how Urban Forestry did something incorrectly in applying Title 11 code.

An Administrative Review application must include supporting documents/evidence. Evidence might include pictures or an arborist report. It should also include an application fee, which is linked from the application form. Submit your appeal within 180 calendar days of the date of decision.

Administrative Review Process

  1. If a review is sought, the owner or responsible party shall submit a written request, with this application, to the City within 180 calendar days of the date of the decision.
  2. The Development Services Director or City Forester reviews the Administrative Review application and supporting documents. Following the review, the Development Services Director or the City Forester will issue a written determination about the review.
  3. A determination issued as stated in Section 11.50.090 may be appealed to the Code Hearings Officer, as provided for in Chapter 22.10 of City Code. A request for an appeal hearing shall be filed within 10 business days after the date of the decision or determination.

Administrative Review and Appeal Application with Instructions

Read the Tree Code, Title 11