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Help Using Electronic Documents

A basic guide for downloading electronic documents in order to save and send them via the internet.
On this page

Please keep in mind your experience may be different depending on:

  • The kind of computer or device you are using
  • The type of browser or application they are using. Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Chrome are all slightly different
    • These steps should be considered a loose guide, but may not match your browser or experience.
  •  It can be frustrating, we hope this helps. 
    • Note: For this example we are using Microsoft's Edge browser
    • You can always give us a call if your having difficulty with the forms or process. 

So you want to electronically fill out a form or application?

2 Options:

  • Option1 - Download to your Computer

Save as you Go!

  1. (Option 1) Download the document method (recommended) and save progress as you go! 
    1. Right-click the Forms link
    2. Select to "Save Link as" or "Save __ " (depends on browser) so that you are saving it as a file on your computer
      • a image showing right clicking the application and selecting the Save as option
        An image showing right-clicking the electronic application document and selecting to Save it onto your computer
    3. Save the document somewhere you will be able to find it.
      • For example in your "Documents'" Folder
      1. Select the folder
      2. You can add your name or info 
      3. Save
        Saving to documents
        Select where you want to save the document so that you can name it and find it
    4. The application should download to your computer, and into that Folder ( Example was "Documents")
      • Do not change the "Save as type:" 
    5. Now you can go to that folder on your computer and open that file
      • You will need a PDF or other compatible document editor application installed on your computer. ( For example: Adobe)
        • Free applications are available for download
          • Try searching for "free PDFs editor" or similar phrase  
            • If not, you can try the Open in Browser tab option ( Option 2) 
    6. Signing the PDF 
      1. Locate at the top click in the icon of a writing pen:
        • PDF sign tool image
          Image of where to locate the "writing" tool so you can sign a document
      2. Select the option to "Sign Yourself" and then "Add Signature": 
        • Image Signing directions
          Image of Clicking "Sign yourself" button, and "Add Signature" option.
      3. You can then select to type in a signature or freehand a signature using the mouse or touchpad on the computer. Once done click "Apply".
        • Image of signing
          Image of signing the document
      4. Scroll to page four (the signature page) of the application and click on the signature line to paste your new signature in place: 
        • Image of pasting signature
          Image of pasting signature
      5. You've successfully signed the document! Remember to Save your completed application. 
    7. Remember after you enter information on the PDF electronic document, SAVE your work
      • Image of Save Icon in PDF editor
        Image of Save Icon in PDF editor
      • Note: You can save the document and attach it in DevHub. 
        • Or once finished click the Print icon and print it out and mail it
  • Option 2 - Fill Out the Form in the web browser 

Note: With this method you must keep your browser open to the application page, as there will be no opportunity to save as you go.

  1. (Option 2) Fill out the form in the browser method
    1. Right-Click the Electronic Application 
    2. Select "Open in New Tab"
      • Open a new tab image instruction
        Illustration of right clicking and selecting to Open a new tab
    3. You can now click on the new Tab and fill out the application here
      • Note: You can save once your done, but if you close the tab or leave it while its open, you will loose your work
      • Click on new tab image
        Image of clicking over to the newly created tab
    4. You will fill out the application on the new tab, and go back to the old tab for any instructions
      • Leave the application instructions on one tab for reference 
      • Do not close the application tab
      • Note: Bowsers ( Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) vary in how they look and function with PDF electronic documents 
    5. Fill out the Application info
      1. You can select a field with your cursor and then enter Text
        • Note: You can open any links on the form by right clicking the link and selecting “open in new tab" 
        • Entering text in browser tab
          Image of entering text in browser tab by selecting the field and typing
      2. Signing the document
        • Some professionals will have other signature options ( depending on Browser) 
        • Sometimes you may need to use the "Pen" or "Draw" button that will allow you to make your signature mark
          • Some browsers will not prompt you to sign, or have a field to enter text 
        • Image of using pen tool to sign
          Image of using pen tool to sign if you do not have other sign options
      3. Remember to Save As to your computer (so you have a copy) once you have completed the application
        • Or you also have the option to Print for mailing or submitting in person
          • Image of Print or Save Options for Electronic Documents in Browser
            Save or Print options/ icons for Electronic Documents in Browser
        • Or you can attach or upload the copy to DevHub.

Feel free to contact us for questions by calling (503)823-TREE(8733) and select Option 3 or by email .

Resource page for Using Development Hub 

  • Provides Guides for using the Online submittal and payment system Development Hub ( DevHub).