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Tree Attachment Permit - Frequently Asked Questions

Permits are required to attach objects to Street Trees. Criteria, guidelines, and applications are listed here.
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When Is a Permit Required?

  • Street Trees: A permit is required for attaching objects, including cables and bracing,  to Street Trees
  • Private trees: No permit is required for attaching objects to private property trees.
  • Heritage Trees:  A permit is required to for attaching objects to Heritage Trees.

Application and Instructions

Only an owner of the property adjacent to the planting strip, or the owner's designee, may apply for a street tree permit. 

All information in the Tree Attachment Proposal is required. Please be as specific as possible. 

Timeline and Process

The processing times for Street Tree Attachment Permits may vary. Incomplete applications will delay the process.

Once an application is received and deemed complete it will be processed to a Tree Inspector who will perform an on-site inspection.  If the Tree Inspector needs more information or wishes to discuss the application, they will contact the applicant. The Tree Inspector will make a permitting decision and send a Notice of Decision to the applicant.

Attachment Documents: 

Street Tree Attachment ApplicationApplication for attaching Objects to Street Trees. 

Apply for a Tree Attachment Permit 

Read the Tree Code, Title 11