Root Pruning Permits

Below are several options for submitting and application including;

When is a root pruning permit required?

  • Street trees: A permit is required to prune roots greater than or equal to 1/4 inch at attachment on any tree in the City right-of-way, which is typically between the curb and sidewalk.
  • Private trees: No permit is required to root prune a tree on private property.

Gather the Relevant Information

Make sure to read the Street Tree Root Pruning Permit FAQs

Have the following information available:  

  • The address of the site
  • The location of the trees on the site (i.e. if it is a corner lot, name the street where the trees are for inspection)
  • The number of trees you request an inspection for
  • The sidewalk permit affidavit number
  • Your name, phone number, and relationship to the property (i.e. if you are a contractor or the property owner, etc.)

Follow the link to Development Hub

Online Root Pruning Permit

* You will need to create an account or log-in to use the online system

Instructions for navigating the Development Hub ( DevHub) application:

Alternatively, you can download and complete the application and submit via mail

You may also request a paper permit application by calling us

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