Private Property Tree Replacement Lists

See minimum requirements for replacing a tree, as well as helpful lists and considerations in choosing trees that meet the replacement criteria.
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Replacing Trees Removed on Private Property

While street trees must be chosen from the appropriate Approved Street Tree Planting List for planting, there are no specific species that must be selected for planting trees on private property. These lists are available to present options and help guide you in selecting a species to plant on your property.

Minimum Requirements for a Replacement Tree

Replacement trees must:

  • Grow on average to at least 16 feet or more 
  • Be reliably hardy in the Portland area
  • 1.5” caliper, single stem
  • Not be an invasive species (nuisance tree) on the Portland Plant List
  • Not be prone to fatal pests or diseases, such as Dutch elm disease
  • Technically be a "tree" not a shrub /other, thus cannot substitute for a tree*

*Common species that are not "Trees" but are asked about: arborvitae, vine maple, dwarf varieties of Japanese maples

Replace Removed Trees with Something of Value

Trees vary greatly in how well they cool and clean the air, slow rainfall runoff, quiet sound, and serve as habitat. When choosing trees to replace those being removed, consider species that provide the highest value to the urban environment:  

  • Natives: adapted to Portland’s climate
  • Evergreens: provide year-round benefits
  • Large trees: provide more canopy benefits than small trees
  • Disease-resistant species or cultivars: improve the urban forest’s resilience

Tree Replacement Options Lists for Private Property Planting

Also consider trees that:

  • Are longer-lived
  • Thrive in Portland’s climate
  • Are drought tolerant, reducing water demand in the summer
  • Provide habitat for wildlife (flowers for pollinators or seeds, fruits, or cones for birds and other wildlife)

Do Not See a Tree on These Lists That Interests You?

For trees not on one of these lists, contact your Tree Inspector with the botanic and common name of trees you want to plant, including cultivar or variety name, if any. The Tree Inspector can then determine whether the tree is an appropriate replacement tree.

Read the Tree Code, Title 11