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How to get a same day private tree removal permit

All applications must be complete and accurate with verifiable photos and correct payment.

If you can answer yes to one of the following questions you qualify for a same day private tree removal permit.

All applications must be complete and accurate with verifiable photos and correct payment.

Same day permits can be issued for up to 4 private trees per calendar year

1. Is the private tree within 10 feet of a building or attached structure?

pic1 Same day permit
Pic2 Same day permit image
  • Structures” are buildings with permitted foundations and
  • Attached structures” are decks or breezeways attached to a structure.

2. Is the private tree diameter at 4.5 feet less than 20”?

Measuring Tree DBH Image
Measuring (DBH) at 4.5'
DBH photo

1. Measure the circumference at breast height (4.5 feet) up from the ground next to tree

2.Divide the circumference (C) by pi (3.142) to get the (D) or Diameter at Breast Height (DBH)

Diameter formula image
Image of how to calculate diameter with circumference measurement

3. Is the DBH less than 20 Inches (")?

3. Is the tree outside of these Environmental Overlays and Planning districts? under Zoning & Districts the Base, Overlay, and Plan District are outlined.
Base Zone, Overlay Zone, and Plan District

4. There is no active residential or commercial development permit associated with the property of the tree?

  1. Go to

  2. Type in your address and click "search" button
  3. Look for any residential or commercial development permits that are open ( Status is not "Final" )
    •   Under "Application Numbers" column there are application numbers with application type in letters like "RS"
      • ( ex. 2021-0000-000-00 RS)  (RS = Residential ) 

Did you know?

  1. Permitting staff in the Development Services Center (DSC) aka “Tree Techs” cannot judge condition (dead, dying, disease, or nuisance species) so applications requiring this type of assessment will be sent to inspection.
  2. Applicants other than the property owner must have their signature as well as the property owner’s signature on page 4 of the tree removal/replant permit application.

Still have questions? Call 503-823-TREE (8733) for assistance.