Removal and Replanting Permits

There are several options for applying including; online, mail, and in person.

When is a Tree Removal and Replanting Permit Required? 

Street trees

A permit is always required to remove a street tree, except for sucker shoots or self-sown trees that are less than half an inch in diameter. Staff will let the applicant know if the property is in a regulated historic or environmentally sensitive zone or plan district, in which case, additional requirements may apply.

Private trees

Generally, a removal permit is required for trees on private property when they are 12 inches in diameter or larger at four and half feet. We have more information available for you if you need help determining if you need a permit to remove trees on private property. If you are thinking about removing a tree on your private property, read our private property tree replacement list and minimum requirements.

Please carefully review the standards and review factors prior to applying.

Download and Complete Applications

Need Help Using Electronic Documents?

Below are more instructions should you need them for the application process. 

This form is only if you run out of space on the above application ( rare) and need a "Supplemental Page"

Other Forms

List of forms that sometimes apply:

To be used along with a Tree Removal and Replanting Permit Application for private property trees that are less than 20 inches in diameter on a site that is in a regulated plan district or overlay zone.

The Replanting Waiver Application is used when you want to count all the remaining existing trees on the property towards Title 11 density requirements to not have to replant a tree. This is an optional application with $100 non-refundable fee. Determinations based on density standards.

The required replacement trees are being planted at or adjacent to a property different than the tree removal property.

Apply Online

Note: you will need to log-in (or first create) a City of Portland Account before using the online system.

Submit Applications online

Instructions for navigating the Development Hub (DevHub) application:

Apply By Mail

If you prefer, you can also apply by mail. Please print, fill out, and send your form and fee payment to the address on the application form.