Permit Decision Appeal Application and Public Notices

This describes the process for requesting review and appealing non-development permits issued by Urban Forestry.
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This page is provided for administrative review and appeals to Non-Development permit decisions, which can be done by:

  1. The applicant
  2. In very rare situations, by the public

What is the difference between non-development and development permits?

Developments: Projects including new construction, additions, and exterior renovations per Chapter 11.50.

Non-Development Permits: Permits such as Removal and Replanting Permits, Pruning Permits, Root Pruning Permits not part of a larger project or development.

To appeal a Development permit:

Click here for Trees In Development Appeals

Code Compliance Administrative Reviews:

Request Administrative Review for a Code Compliance Notice or Decision

Use this page when you have been given notice of Portland City Code Title 11 violation(s), and believe the findings are in error. You must file within 15 days of your notice.

When can I request review and appeal a permit decision?

The applicant can request review and appeal any Urban Forestry permit decision, including decisions to deny the permit.
The public can appeal an Urban Forestry decision when public notice is required. 

When are public notices required for tree removals?

Click here to see when public notices are required for tree removals in non-development situations. 

Where can I view public notices for pending tree removals?

Public notices are emailed to the Neighborhood Association and posted onsite in a location visible from the street.

When can a denied permit be appealed?

The applicant or property owner can appeal any permit that has been denied by Urban Forestry.

When can an approved permit be appealed?

A Neighborhood Association or individual members of the public may appeal a decision allowing a tree to be removed when public notice is required.

Administrative Review and Appeal Process

Tree permit appeals must be filed within 14 calendar days of the notice of decision or the public notice posting. The timeline may be extended by the City Forester if good cause is shown.  The administrative review and appeal application must describe how the decision erred in applying the relevant standards or review factors. 

An administrative review will be conducted by Urban Forestry to determine if an error was made. A written decision will be issued to either overturn the original decision or to provide additional information about why the decision was made.

The administrative review decision can be further appealed to the Urban Forestry Appeals Board, a sub-group of the Urban Forestry Commission. Appeal hearings will generally be scheduled within 45 days of the date the appeal was filed. Either party may request to delay the hearing with good cause.

Notice of the appeal hearing will be sent to the applicant (and appellant and the Neighborhood Association, if applicable) at least 14 days before the hearing. The applicant will be provided with a copy of the appeal hearing notice to post on the site in a location clearly visible from the street nearest the tree.

The Appeals Board will consider the application against the applicable standard or review factors, taking into consideration information provided by the applicant, the appellant, City staff, and members of the Appeals Board if they visit the site. 

The Appeals Board may affirm or reverse the original permit decision. The Appeals Board will only reverse or remand the permit decision upon finding that the decision is not supported by substantial evidence, or upon finding that the decision was arbitrary or capricious or an abuse of discretion. 

The decision of the Appeals Board is final and may not be appealed to another review body within the City. 

Appeal Fee

There is a fee for submitting an appeal application.

Urban Forestry Fee Schedule

Public Notice of Pending Programmatic Permits

Current Programmatic Permits, applications for public comment, and Pending Programmatic Permits for appeal.

Title 11 

Appeal Application with Instructions