Other Tree Permits - Frequently Asked Questions

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When is a permit required?

Most tree related activity already has a specific permit application procedure. Please review the available permit types: Do I need a Permit?

You may apply for an 'Other' permit if your proposed activity is not covered under an existing permit type.

Application and instructions

Only an owner of the property abutting the planting strip, or the owner's designee, may apply for a street tree permit. 

Timeline and process

Once an application is received and deemed complete it will be processed to a Tree Inspector who will perform an on-site inspection.  If the Tree Inspector needs more information or wishes to discuss the application, they will contact the applicant. The Tree Inspector will make a permitting decision and send a Notice of Decision to the applicant.  

Qualifying for a permit

Permits for other tree work are issued based on the proposed activity and the risk to the tree's health and condition. 

Apply for an Other Street Tree Permit

Read the Tree Code, Title 11