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Ornamental Lights for Street Trees - Frequently Asked Questions

A permit is required to install ornamental lights in street trees. Below are some basic facts and links for supplemental information.
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When is a Permit Required?

  • Street trees: A permit is required to install ornamental lights.
  • Private trees: No permit is required to install ornamental lights.
  • Heritage Trees:  A permit is required to for attaching items to Heritage Trees.

Application and Instructions

Only an owner of the property abutting the planting strip, the property owner's designee, or a neighborhood business association may apply for a Ornamental Lights for Street Trees Permit.

There is a non-refundable fee for an Ornamental Lighting application

Administrative Rule PRK-2.02 Street Tree Ornamental Lighting Guidelines and Permit Fees is the guiding document for the process.

Seasonal Lighting: are light systems installed for 120 days or less. They must be removed at the end of the permitted timeframe.

Non-Seasonal Lighting: are lighting systems installed for more than 120 days. They require annual inspections and adjustments. 

Block Face: when proposing lights along an entire block with multiple addresses describe the location as the street and the two cross streets. (i.e. E Burnside from SE 4th to SE 5th)

Timeline and Process

Once an application is received and deemed complete it will be processed to a Tree Inspector who will perform an on-site inspection.  If the Tree Inspector needs more information or wishes to discuss the application, they will contact the applicant. The Tree Inspector will make a permitting decision and send a Notice of Decision to the applicant.

Apply for a Street Tree Ornamental Lighting Permit

Street Tree Ornamental Lighting Documents: 

Street Tree Ornamental Lighting Guidelines

The permittee must abide by the conditions of the permit or the permit may be revoked and/or future permits denied. 

Ornamental Tree Lighting ApplicationThis form is to apply for a permit to affix ornamental lights to street trees.
Letter of Guarantee For Street Tree Attachment PermitGuarantee Letter for loss or damage to city trees and other city property that arise due to attachment of items to city trees. 

Read the Tree Code, Title 11