Tree Emergency Response: April 11 Storm Event

News Article
UPDATED APRIL 12, 2022 - Urban Forestry storm response service level information

The Monday April 11 winter storm is causing a high volume of significant tree impacts in streets and parks, and Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry is experiencing a high volume of emails and calls. We aim to address all requests as soon as possible, however we are prioritizing responding to hazardous situations and emergency needs.

We will post updates on our non-storm response turnaround times and for storm response follow-up as soon as we can make an assessment of our work volume. Our response time to calls, emails, and for processing of applications is estimated to lengthen from the one week turnaround prior to this storm event.

  • If you have emailed a report of a tree emergency blocking or threatening a public street or sidewalk, please also call 503-823-TREE(8733) for emergency dispatch 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  Email reports may result in delayed response.
  • If a tree emergency situation involves downed wires please contact your utility provider first.  Urban Forestry is unable to respond until electrical hazards have been addressed.
  • If you are contacting us about a debris pile left by our team it may take eight weeks for Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry to return for pick-up.  Please consider safely using the City’s weekly compost bin service or contact a Tree Care Provider or lawn care professional to assist with your debris pile.

Please visit Portland Parks & Recreation Urban Forestry’s website for extensive information about tree regulations and permitsretroactive permits for situations needing immediate attention, applying for permits on-line through the DevHub,  and to find a list of local tree care provider companies who have participated in our training program.

Thank you for your patience as we prioritize public safety.