Medium Evergreen Trees


Replacing Trees Removed on Private Property

While street trees must be chosen from the appropriate Approved Street Tree Planting List for planting, there are no specific species that must be selected for planting trees on private property. This list presents options to help guide you in selecting a species to plant on your property. 

Medium Evergreen Trees (mature size is over 30’ up to 50’ tall)

SP = Spring      SU = Summer    PDX = Portland or Willamette Valley native        OR = Oregon native

Common nameBotanical nameNativeWildlife valueShowy flowersBark interestDrought tolerance
Alaska yellow-cedarCupressus nootkatensis OR---Low
Camphor – Hardy ChineseCinnamomum chekiangensis-----
Cedar –Deodar medium cultivarsCedrus deodara ’Aurea’, ‘Emerald Falls’, ‘Karl Fuchs’, ‘Lakeview’, ‘Miles High’, ‘Shalimar’-----
Cedar – Western red cultivarsThuja plicata ‘Atrovirens’, ‘Excelsa’, ‘Virescens’PDX----
Cedar – Green Giant hybridCedrus x ‘Green Giant’-----
CryptomeriaCryptomeria japonica ‘Kitayama’, ‘Radicans’ and ‘Yoshino’-----
Cypress – ArizonaCupressus arizonica----High
Cypress – BakerCupressus bakeriORSeeds--High
Cypress – SargentCupressus sargentii----High
Cypress – Sawara cypressChamaecyparis pisifera-----
Eucalyptus – Cider gumEucalyptus gunnii-Flowers-Yes-
Fir – Select whiteAbies concolor ‘Select’-Seeds---
Fir – Tortifolia CaucasianAbies nordmanniana ‘Tortifolia’-Seeds---
GordoniaGordonia lasianthus-FlowersSP-Low
Laurel – True or MediterraneanLaurus nobilis-Fruits--High
Magnolia – SouthernMagnolia grandiflora ‘D.D. Blanchard’-SeedsSU--
Magnolia – SweetbayMagnolia virginiana ‘Henry Hicks’, ‘Jim Wilson’-Seeds---
Magnoloia – TamaulipasMagnolia tamaulipana ‘Bronze Sentinel’-SeedsSP--
Myrtle – OregonUmbellularia californicaORFruits--High
Oak – Bambooleaf oakQuercus myrsinifolia-Acorns---
Oak – CorkQuercus suber-Acorns-YesHigh
Oak – SilverleafQuercus hypoleucoides-Acorns--High
Pine – AustrianPinus nigra-Seeds--Med
Pine – BosnianPinus heldreichii  Syn. P.  leucodermis-Seeds---
Pine – Swiss stonePinus cembra (inc.‘Chalet’ and ‘Silver Sheen’)-Seeds---
Pine – Japanese blackPinus thunbergii-Seeds--Med
Pine – Japanese stone pinePinus pumila-Seeds---
Pine – Japanese whitePinus parviflora (inc. formaGlauca’)-Seeds---
Pine – LacebarkPinus bungeana-Seeds-Yes-
Pine – LimberPinus flexilisORSeeds--High
Pine – KoreanPinus koraiensis (inc. ‘Morris Blue’)-Seeds---
Pine – PinyonPinus cembroides var. edulis-Seeds--High
Pine – Scots pinePinus sylvestris (inc. Aurea’, ‘Bonna’)-Seeds-Yes-
Pine – Singleleaf pinyonPinus monophylla-Seeds--High
Pine – White Mountain EasternPinus strobus ‘White Mountain’-Seeds---
Spruce – Black HillsPicea glauca var. densata-Seeds--High
Spruce – Colorado bluePicea pungens (inc.‘Bizon Blue’, ‘Fat Albert’, ‘Hoopsii’, ‘Mission Blue’, and ‘Select Blue’)-Seeds--Med
ThujopsisThujopsis dolabrata-----
Yew – WesternTaxus brevifoliaPDX--Yes-