Medium Deciduous Trees


Replacing Trees Removed on Private Property

While street trees must be chosen from the appropriate Approved Street Tree Planting List for planting, there are no specific species that must be selected for planting trees on private property. This list presents options to help guide you in selecting a species to plant on your property. 

Medium Deciduous Trees (mature size is 30’ to 50’ tall)

SP = Spring      LSP = Late spring         SU = Summer

Common nameBotanical nameNativeWildlife valueShowy flowersShowy fall colorBark interestDrought tolerance
Beech – Medium-sized cultivars of EuropeanFagus sylvatica ‘Dawyck Gold’, ‘Dawyck Purple’, ‘Red Obelisk’, ‘Rohanii’ and ‘Zlatia’-Seeds---Low
Birch – RiverBetula nigra (inc. ‘Dura-Heat’ and ‘Heritage’)----YesLow
Catalpa – PurpleCatalpa x erubescens ‘Purpurea’-FlowersSU---
Chestnut – ChineseCastanea mollissima-Nuts----
Cork tree – male cultivarsPhellodendron (inc. ’His Majesty’ and ‘Longenecker’)---Yes-Med
Dogwood – GiantCornus controversa (inc.‘June Snow’ and ‘Variegata’)-FruitLSPYes-Low
Elm – Emerald SunshineUlmus propinqua ‘JFS Bierberich’------
Elm – LacebarkUlmus parvifolia ‘Allee’, ‘Athena’, ‘Bosque,’ ‘Emerald Prairie’ and ‘Golden Rey’---Yes--
Elm – Frontier hybridUlmus ‘Frontier’---Yes--
Elm – Patriot hybridUlmus xPatriot’------
Elm – ProspectorUlmus davidiana var. japonica ‘Prospector’------
Eucommia  Chinese rubbertree)Eucommia ulmoides (inc. ‘Emerald Pointe’)------
Ginkgo – male cultivarsGinkgo biloba ‘Autumn Gold’, ‘Golden Colonnade’, ‘Halka’, ‘Magyar’, ‘Presidential Gold’,  ‘Saratoga’, ‘Windover Gold’---Yes--
Katsura – Red Fox or RotfuchsCercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Rotfuchs’---Yes-Low
Linden – American(mid-size cultivars)Tilia americana (inc. ‘American Sentry’,‘Legend’ and ‘Redmond’)-Flowers----
Linden – Harvest Gold hybridTilia x ‘Harvest Gold’-Flowers----
Magnolia – KobusMagnolia kobus-SeedsSP---
Magnolia – SprengerMagnolia sprengeri (inc. ‘Diva’)-SeedsSP---
Magnolia – Veitch’sMagnolia x veitchii-SeedsSP---
Magnolia – Yellow BirdMagnolia x ‘Yellow Bird’-SeedsSP---
Maple – Trident mapleAcer buergerianum---Yes-Med
Mountain ash – KoreanSorbus alnifolia-FruitsSPYes-Med
Oak – BlueQuercus douglasii-Acorns---High
Oak – Buckley or Texas redQuercus buckleyi-Acorns-Yes-Med
Oak – Forest GreenQuercus frainetto ‘Schmidt’-Acorns---Med
Oak – SawtoothQuercus acutissima-Acorns----
Osage orange – Thornless maleMaclura pomifera ‘Whiteshield’---Yes-Med
Pagoda – JapaneseStyphnolobium japonicum (inc. ‘Halka’)-FlowersSU--Med
Persian ironwoodParrotia persica---YesYesMed
Persimmon – AmericanDiospyros virginiana-Fruits-Yes-Med
Pistache – ChinesePistacia chinensis (inc. ‘Keith Davey’)-Seeds-Yes-High
Silverbell – MountainHalesia tetraptera var. monticola-FlowersSP--Low
Tupelo - AmericanNyssa sylvatica (inc. ‘David Odom’, ‘Haymanred’,  and ‘Wildfire’)-Fruits/Flowers-Yes-Low
Tupelo – ChineseNyssa sinensis-Fruits-Yes-Low
Yellowwood – AmericanCladrastis kentukea (inc. ‘Perkins Pink’)-FlowersLSPYes--
Zelkova – Village GreenZelkova serrata ‘Village Green’---YesYes-