Large Evergreen Trees

A Ponderosa Pine forest with a grassy meadow below.

Replacing Trees Removed on Private Property

While street trees must be chosen from the appropriate Approved Street Tree Planting List for planting, there are no specific species that must be selected for planting trees on private property. This list presents options to help guide you in selecting a species to plant on your property. 

Large Evergreen Trees (mature size is over 50’ tall)

OR = Oregon native    PDX = Portland or Willamette Valley native           SP = Spring      SU = Summer

Common nameBotanical nameNativeWildlife valueShowy flowersBark interestDrought tolerance
Castanopsis or Japanese chinkapinCastanopsis cuspidata-Acorns---
Cedar – Alaska yellowCupressus nootkatensis OR---Low
Cedar – AtlasCedrus atlantica (inc. ‘Glauca’)----High
Cedar – Western redThuja plicata (inc.‘Hogan’,)PDX----
Cedar – IncenseCalocedrus decurrensOR---High
Cedar – DeodarCedrus deodara (inc.‘Inverness’, ‘Kashmir’)-----
Cedar – LebanonCedrus libanii----High
China-firCunninghamia lanceolata (inc. ‘Glauca’)-----
Cypress – GowenCupressus goveniana----High
Douglas-firPseudotsuga menziesiiPDXSeeds---
Fir – CaucasianAbies nordmanniana-Seeds---
Fir – GrandAbies grandisPDXSeeds--Med
Fir – GreekAbies cephalonica-Seeds---
Fir – MariesAbies mariesii-Seeds---
Fir – NikkoAbies homolepis-Seeds---
Fir – NobleAbies proceraORSeeds---
Fir – SpanishAbies pinsapo (inc. ‘Glauca’)-Seeds--Med
Fir – SubalpineAbies lasiocarpaORSeeds--Low
Fir – WhiteAbies concolorORSeeds--Med
Hemlock – MountainTsuga mertensianaORSeeds---
Hemlock – WesternTsuga heterophyllaPDXSeeds---
Incense cedarCalocedrus decurrensORSeeds--High
MadroneArbutus menziesiiPDXFruitsSPYesHigh
Magnolia – SouthernMagnolia grandiflora-SeedsSU--
Monkey puzzleAraucaria araucana-----
Oak – Canyon live oakQuercus chrysolepisORAcorns--High
Oak – HollyQuercus ilex-Acorns--High
Oak – Interior liveQuercus wislizeni-Acorns--High
Oak – Southern liveQuercus virginiana-Acorns---
Pine – AleppoPinus halepensis-Seeds--High
Pine – ApachePinus engelmannii-Seeds--High
Pine – Balkan or MacedonianPinus peuce-Seeds--Med
Pine – DurangoPinus durangensis-Seeds--High
Pine – Eastern whitePinus strobus (inc. ‘Glauca’)-Seeds--Low
Pine – Japanese redPinus densiflora -Seeds-YesMed
Pine – JeffreyPinus jeffreyiORSeeds-YesHigh
Pine – LodgepolePinus contorta var. latifoliaORSeeds--High
Pine – PonderosaPinus ponderosa (Willamette Valley origin)PDXSeeds-YesHigh
Pine – RedPinus resinosa-Seeds-Yes-
Pine – Southwestern whitePinus strobiformis-Seeds---
Pine – Western whitePinus monticolaORSeeds--Med
Redwood – CoastalSequoia sempervirens (inc.  ‘Aptos Blue’)OR--Yes-
Sequoia – GiantSequoiadendron giganteum-Seeds-Yes-
Spruce – Lijiang purple-conedPicea likiangensis  var. purpurea-Seeds---
Spruce – OrientalPicea orientalis (inc. ‘Atrovirens’)-Seeds---
Spruce – SerbianPicea omorika-Seeds---