Large Deciduous Trees


Replacing Trees Removed on Private Property

While street trees must be chosen from the appropriate Approved Street Tree Planting List for planting, there are no specific species that must be selected for planting trees on private property. This list presents options to help guide you in selecting a species to plant on your property. 

Large Deciduous Trees (mature size is over 50’ tall)

SP = Spring      LSP = Late spring         SU = Summer

PDX = Portland or Willamette Valley native              OR = Oregon native

Common nameBotanical nameNativeWildlife valueShowy flowersShowy fall colorDrought tolerance
Alder – RedAlnus rubraPDX----
Alder – WhiteAlnus rhombifoliaPDX----
Bald cypressTaxodium distichum (inc.Apache Chief’, ‘Green Whisper’,  and ‘Shawnee Brave’)---Orange-
Beech – EuropeanFagus sylvatica (inc. ‘Asplenifolia’)-Seeds--Low
Beech – Purple EuropeanFagus sylvatica 'Riversii' and ‘Swat Margaret’-Seeds--Low
Buckeye – OhioAesculus glabra---Ora-RedMed
Catalpa – NorthernCatalpa speciosa-FlowersSU--
Chilean beech – RobleNothofagus obliqua---Ora-Yel-
Coffeetree , KentuckyGymnocladus dioicus (inc. ‘Espresso’)----Med
Dawn redwoodMetasequoia glyptostroboides (inc. ‘Ogon’)---Orange-
Dove treeDavidia involucrata--SP-Low
Elm – TriumphUlmus x ‘Morton Glossy’-----
Hazel – TurkishCorylus colurna-Nuts--Med
Hickory –ShagbarkCarya ovata-Nuts-Yellow-
Hornbeam – EuropeanCarpinus betulus -----
KatsuraCercidiphyllum japonicum---Ora-YelLow
Larch – JapaneseLarix kaempferi-Seeds-Gold-
Larch - GoldenPseudolarix amabalis---Ora-YelLow
Larch – WesternLarix occidentalisORSeeds-Yellow-
Linden – American (tall cultivars)Tilia americana  (inc. ‘Boulevard’ and

‘Continental Appeal)

Linden – SilverTilia tomentosa-Flowers--Med
Magnolia – Hou poMagnolia officinalis-SeedsSP--
Maple – BigleafAcer macrophyllumPDXSeeds--Med
Oak – BasketQuercus michauxii-Acorns---
Oak – BlackQuercus velutina-Acorns--Med
Oak – BurQuercus macrocarpa-Acorns--Med
Oak – California blackQuercus kelloggiiPDXAcorns--Med
Oak – Canyon liveQuercus chrysolepisPDXAcorns--High
Oak – ChinkapinQuercus muehlenbergii-Acorns--Med
Oak – Oregon whiteQuercus garryanaPDXAcorns--High
Oak – ScarletQuercus coccinea-Acorns-RedMed
Oak – ShingleQuercus imbricaria-Acorns---
Oak – ShumardQuercus shumardii-Acorns-RedMed
Oak – Swamp whiteQuercus bicolor (inc. ‘American Dream’)-Acorns--Med
Oak – TurkeyQuercus cerris-Acorns--Med
Oak – ValleyQuercus lobata-Acorns--Med
Oak – WhiteQuercus alba-Acorns-Ora-redMed
Oak – WillowQuercus phellos-Acorns---
Tulip tree – AmericanLiriodendron tulipifera (inc. ‘Fastigiata’)-Flowers--Low
Tulip tree – ChineseLiriodendron chinensis-Flowers--Low
Zelkova – Green VaseZelkova serrata ‘Green Vase’---Yes-