Large Native Trees List

This is a photo of Douglas Fir trees in a Portland neighborhood.

Replacing Trees Removed on Private Property

While street trees must be chosen from the appropriate Approved Street Tree Planting List for planting, there are no specific species that must be selected for planting trees on private property. This list presents options to help guide you in selecting a species to plant on your property. 

Large Native Trees of the Willamette Valley and Oregon (mature size is over 50’ tall)

EB = Evergreen broadleaf      EC = Evergreen conifer         SP = Spring

Common nameBotanical nameEvergreenNativeWildlife valueShowy flowersShowy fall colorDrought tolerance
Alder - RedAlnus rubra-PDX---Low
Alder - WhiteAlnus rhombifolia-PDX----
Cedar – Alaska yellowCupressus nootkatensisECOR---Low
Cedar – Western redThuja plicata (inc. ‘Atrovirens’, ‘Hogan’, ‘Virescens’ and ‘Zebrina’)ECPDX----
Cedar - IncenseCalocedrus decurrensECOR---


Douglas-firPseudotsuga MenziesiiECPDXSeeds---
Fir - GrandAbies grandisECPDXSeeds--Med
Fir - NobleAbies proceraECORSeeds---
Fir -  Pacific silverAbies amabalisECORSeeds--Low
Fir - SubalpineAbies lasiocarpaECORSeeds--Low
Fir - WhiteAbies concolorECORSeeds---
Hemlock - MountainTsuga mertensianaECORSeeds---
Hemlock - WesternTsuga heterophyllaECPDXSeeds---
Larch - WesternLarix occidentalis-ORSeeds-Yes-
MadroneArbutus menziesiiEBPDXFruitsSP-High
Maple - BigleafAcer macrophyllum*-PDXSeeds--Med
Oak - California blackQuercus kelloggii-PDXAcorns--Med
Oak 0 Canyon live oakQuercus chrysolepisEBPDXAcorns--High
Oak - OracleQuercus x moreha-ORAcorns--High
Oak - Oregon whiteQuercus garryana-PDXAcorns--High
Pine - JeffreyPinus jeffreyiECORSeeds--High
Pine - LodgepolePinus contorta var. latifoliaECORSeeds--High
Pine - Ponderosa - Willamette Valley originPinus ponderosa var. benthamianaECPDXSeeds--High
Pine - Western whitePinus monticolaECPDXSeeds--Med
Redwood - CoastalSequoia sempervirensECOR----
Spruce - Brewer'sPicea brewerianaECORSeeds---
Spruce - SitkaPicea sitchensisECORSeeds--Low
Spruce - WhitePicea glaucaECORSeeds---
Tanoak or Tanbark oaklithocarpus densiflorusEBORAcorns--High