Tree Requirements for Building Permits

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Tree preservation and tree density requirements apply to development projects including:

  • New construction

  • Additions

  • Exterior renovations

Read the Title 11 section on Trees in Development Situations for more information.

Overview of Urban Forestry Development Review

Urban Forestry is responsible for reviewing street, city, and heritage trees. Urban Forestry reviews are conducted any time a project is valued at $25,000 or greater and any time a street, city, or heritage tree may be impacted or removed by the development. For more details, visit the simplified overview we created that outlines the entire process. 

Tree Plan Requirements

Tree plans must be included in a development permit application. Our Tree Plan Requirements for Development Permits page outlines what you need to know to meet plan requirements. 

As part of the tree plan requirements, you will need to know about on-site tree preservation and on-site tree density requirements. You can learn more about when tree preservation and density requirements apply, exemptions, and other information by visiting our On-site Tree Preservation page and our On-site Tree Density Requirements page.

Protecting Trees During Construction and Tree Preservation Inspections

Our Protecting Trees During Construction and Tree Preservation Inspections page outlines why protective measures are in place and the pathways to meeting the City needs for protecting trees during construction. 

Read the Street Tree Considerations Checksheet

Learn more about the preservation requirement and how Urban Forestry assesses the relative value of street trees. The form clarifies preservation options for site development, which can facilitate conversations with Urban Forestry about City or Street tree preservation, and removal if necessary and approved by the City Forester.

Read the Tree Code, Title 11