Check a Tree Permit Status

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You can use to check a permit status using either an address, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) number, or an application number. Updates to application status may take a day or more to be displayed in
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Using to Check a Permit Status

  1. Go to the Permit/Case Search website.
  2. Type in any of the following to find your permit: 
    1. Address
    2. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) number
      1. example #: 7654321
    3. Application number 
      1. example #: 2020 - 654321 - 000 - 00 UF  /  enter as "20 - 654321"
  3. Click "Submit"
  4. Click on the applicable permit/case number
  5. The permit status is listed under "Status"

Common Urban Forestry Statuses

StatusDescriptionCase Status
Internet PermitApplication received by electronic submittal, awaiting processingOpen
ApplicationApplication processing, under review and/or awaiting inspection.Open
Waiting on CustomerApplication incomplete or information needed from applicant to continue processing.Open
Approved Pending Public NoticePermit request is tentatively approved, waiting on public notice period to close.Open
IssuedPermit issued.Closed
DeniedPermit denied.Closed
Under AppealDecision is being appealed by the applicant or member of the public.Open
Expired1. Application was not complete and request expired, or 2. Permit issued and 365 days have passed; permit is no longer valid.Closed
FinalTree Planting Has been inspected and approved. All permit conditions have been met.Closed


Email or call Urban Forestry at 503-823-TREE (8733) between the hours of 7:00am-3:30pm Monday-Friday.

Permit applicants will receive an email notice with an estimated permit decision timeframe when application processing begins. For notices and updates that may impact service. please see News and Alerts. 

Read the Tree Code, Title 11