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Tree Species and Planting Lists

Visit the Tree Species and Planting Lists page to find more information on tree species in Portland, and where to buy them.

Tree Planting Tool: Branch Out PDX

Developed in partnership with Portland State University, the Planting Map helps users to identify areas in Portland where tree planting will have the greatest impact.

Portland's Citywide Tree Planting Strategy

Visit this page to read the report, Growing a More Equitable Urban Forest.

Tree Planting Report

An annual report detailing the City's planting efforts and long-term monitoring of trees planted or given away by PP&R Urban Forestry.

East Holladay Park Tree Planting

In 2020 through 2021, Urban Forestry will be planting trees in East Holladay Park. Visit this page to learn more.

Planting Priority

Visit this page to learn how tree canopy cover, economic, and demographic data guide Urban Forestry's tree planting, education, and outreach services to areas of Portland where they may be needed the most.


City of Portland Urban Forestry

Manager of Portland's urban forest