More Tree Species References


Online Database References

Tree Identification

  • Plant Database, University of Connecticut College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources

  •  Virginia Tech Dendrology Factsheets, Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation

General Information on Individual Species

  • The Gymnosperm Database - edited by Christopher J. Earle

  • SelecTree: Tree Selection Guide, Urban Forests Ecostystem Institute at California Polytechnic Institute


  • Global Invasive Species Database online (posted as of June 26, 2009)

Tallest and Oldest Trees

  • Monumental Trees website: The thickest, tallest and oldest trees worldwide

Print References

General References

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  • The World Encyclopedia of Trees by Tony Russell, Catherine Cutler, and Martin Walters (Armadillo, 2014)

Genus-Specific References

  • An Illustrated Guide to Maples by Antoine le Hardy de Beaulieu (Timber Press, 2003)
  • Magnolias: A Gardener’s Guide by Jim Gardiner (Timber Press Revised Edition, 1989)
  • Oaks of California by Bruce Pavlik, Pamela Muick, Sharon G. Johnson, Marjorie Popper (Cachuma Press, 2002)


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