Tree Species and Planting Lists

A photo of two people at a street tree giveaway event.
Learn more about the many tree species that make up Portland’s diverse urban forest, including good trees for planting in the right-of-way, native trees that support wildlife, and invasive trees that are prohibited from planting.
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Approved Street Tree Planting Lists

The Approved Street Tree Planting Lists offer a diverse array of tree species to plant. The lists detail each tree's characteristics, such as fall color and size at maturity, helping you plant the right tree in the right place.

Native and Nuisance Trees

The Portland Plant List details native tree species, which are encouraged to be planted, and nuisance tree species, which are invasive and prohibited from being planted in certain areas. 

Look Up Tree Species

Trying to identify an existing tree or looking for information to help you choose what tree to plant? Visit these links to see tree photos and descriptions and learn about growth forms and preferred site conditions.

Identify woody plants and browse native and non-native landscape trees for form, color, and function

Browse trees offered by Friends of Trees

Digital and Print Tree Resources

Where to Purchase Trees

A list of nurseries that are self-identified as selling trees that meet the minimum size standard for tree permits. These nurseries sell trees directly to individuals. The City makes no representation or warranty as to the quality of products or services provided by any company.